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Week of July 26th: Miscellaneous

The purpose of this Miscellaneous topic is to discuss any town related issues you feel are important that are not addressed in other topics. Please post any issues you wish to discuss in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the blog, please contact me at ''. Thank you for your input.

-Marc Herman


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Supervisor:

Just following up on some old postings:

What's the status of the $300,000 plus that the Town is owed by the Greenburgh Housing Authority? Has the Town commenced legal action to "protect" its claim or is the rest of unincorporated Greenburgh going to take it on the chin one more time?

What about all of the "stipends" that the Town has been paying? You never responded to the series of questions from months ago.

Anonymous said...

By the way Paul, these stipends are to earned after the 7 hour shift is completed not during. Did you know that?

hal samis said...

A series of brand new Library comments on how the new Board of Trustees address OPERATING matters.

The Board voted Thursday night to reverse their decision voted earlier this year to charge a 50 cent fee to those who place reserves.

When the Board originally imposed this fee, they did so at the urging of Library Director Genie Contrata, an alumnus of the Spendthrift School run by former Director Demita Gerber who beat a hasty retreat out of Town before the new Library started growing.

Ms. Gerber was known for things like urging the capture of the LEED certification wall plaque costing around $150,000 and for the purchase of a $10,000 back-up generator for the cybermobile -- cybermobile and generator both since banished to "Freedonia".

In any case, had I been allowed at the time of their vote to present my arguments against; then the Board would not have voted in favor, doing so because they tend to believe the Director. Further I believe new fees should be the subject of a Public Hearing like those conducted by the Town Board.

After my deluge of emails citing among other things that the fee represents an additional cost to patrons/taxpayers who already pay for the building expansion, the annual operating costs including the acquistion of books and media and that this fee represents an additional charge for residents to use what they paid for.

Apres moi, la deluge of the fee.

A minor victory. But wait for what's in the next installment.

Anonymous said...

Come the Floods

hal samis said...

Now let's talk about collecting overdue fines at the Library...some $44,000 worth.
Library Director Contrata has given Assistant Director Greiner the assignment to see what's involved in hiring a collection agency. Ms. Greiner narrowed the field and the JUNE Trustees meeting was treated to a presentation from the favored vendor because he has adopted the WLS software.

Given a pre-defined standard of those who are delinquent, the essential business model is that the Library would pay $9 upfront for each patron to be hounded and whatever they get, they get. Without going into details (because the Library was lacking them) what was presented made a one-sided case for trying the firm out for a 90 day free trial. At the JULY Trustees meeting, more questions remained and Ms. Contrata was clearly miffed that the Trustees were still not aboard her train. Somewhere in the conversation, Ms. Greiner said"
"I tried a few calls myself and the patrons were either unaware or embarrassed".

Bingo! You see, the Library had never tried to collect the money on their own. They were afraid to contact their best customers: those patrons who owe money or haven't returned materials. Instead, true to the Gerber model, the first choice for the Library is the one that costs money. And, by the way, the collection agency is only concerned with collecting fines, not the return of the actual items.

In the public comment portion BEFORE the Agenda items are discussed I hit them with: Why are you spending money with no guarantees? Why not offer them a deal whereby they keep 30% of the first $25,000 collected and 40% above. I also mentioned that Yonkers had dropped this service but for reasons unrelated to collections (the Library paid, the City kept) but that they had no way of knowing whether the program made sense. I also questioned whether the firm's assurances of privacy meant anything.

The matter was held over to the next Trustees meeting.

There's a web that I am spinning.
And whom do you think I'm trapping.
Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that you feel you have to "trap" people. Get a life, Hal. You can make noise when you start paying taxes.

Anonymous said...

There he goes on his Band Wagon once again.... things are NOT done BECAUSE Hal is so influencial. His concerns and comments are hidden behind his venom and poison pen.

He will NEVER learn....

Who will you threaten next Hal?

Anonymous said...

hal has it wrong.
we are the ones trapped here in greenburgh.
he is a fancy free renter.

Anonymous said...

I only go to the library after work, near closing time. I ran up large fines because I once mistakenly thought childrens' DVDs were due in two weeks, not one (fine: $1/day per DVD). I have offered to pay my fines on several occasions during my visits, but have been told that since it was near closing, I couldnt' do it. Hey, I tried to pay and the Library won't take my money.

Anonymous said...

So they won't take your money but they have the nerve to ask the board for more money that is needed to complete the appearance of this white elephant.

Guess what our dear supervisor gives them what they want because it is not coming from his pocket.

fact checker said...

correction. feiner was against the white elephant.
juettner, the town board liaison to the library, a village resident, doesnt pay one cent for the library. feiner lives in unincorporated greenburgh and does pay.

juettner is the problem.

hal samis said...

Now let's move on to where the Library is going. The Trustees, two of the seven, who have been on the Board for a year or more, now feel versed enough in all things Library to want to get right into seeing a five year plan take hold. Mind you, they haven't lived through a budget review; they haven't been there for a full year; the new Library Building is not yet finished and they arrived on the scene just in time for the Library to be threatening shorter hours if the Trustees don't get what they want.

Not an ideal time to be thinking ahead unless thinking ahead is another way to spend money that you don't have but the taxpayers do. In fact, had six of the Trustees been around for the Pre-Referendum, they might recall that the Library already paid $5,000 to hire such a consultant (Syntax Communications) to determine just what residents wanted from their Library (in the future). And before that, they paid even more to a consultant (Noel Lushington) who told them how big in total the Greenburgh Library must be and how big each area inside need be. But before was before, circa Director Gerber, and now we have inherited her successor, Ms. Contrata.

Hey kids! Let's hire some professionals to run some focus groups: cost $5,000. Of course I'm thinking that even though taxpayers are just beginning to pay for the Library of the future, maybe the problems of today loom currently as more pressing matters. So what if the future got delayed by a year or two; this just might be a welcome respite from and for the five new Trustees (two so far up for replacement January 1) to learn something about the Library; not just what Director Contrata wants to parcel out. Another item put over for future discussion; one that should not be in front of them at all if it were not for Mr. Musantry and Ms. Contrata.

Hey kids, want to learn how to evaluate your Library Director? Go to the upcoming seminar that comes with your Library Director's blessing.
Library Board President Musantry is going and so is the month old Trustee (you remember, his friend's wife). But, hold the headlines, didn't Musantry go before the Town Board about three weeks ago (before attending this seminar) and request a raise for the Library Director, the Assistant Library Director and the Assistant to the Library Director?
Even before learning evaluating and his own six months on the Library Board? There must be some new "flu" going around the Library aka swindler's flu. And call me harsh (or choose your own derogatory) but I'm betting that a seminar sponsored by libraries is going to be a little more sympathetic toward Library Directors than Samis.

What is so amazing to me and why I make the requests for anonymice to actually attend the meetings of the Trustees is so that readers will see for themselves that I am not making this up.

Instead I get criticized for reporting what goes on. Obviously some residents like paying higher and higher taxes. Some residents are not concerned that a non-elected Library Board can dispense over $3.4 million annually and not have to be responsible to anyone.
Some residents like the idea that the Trustees can pass Resolutions without allowing residents to see copies of these Resolutions. Some residents like the idea that the Trustees can initiate and/or raise fees without Public Hearings.

All of this is unimportant. What really gets some people's goat is that I continue to kick tin cans and make noise. Cans that goats see as food on the table.

Anonymous said...

Hal .... you STILL live ine NeverNever Land.... Get a life and stop publicizing lie after lie.

Put your efforts to better our town. But you and your small minded followers can not see that you are merely a loud, obnoxious farce.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal. What continues to get people's goat is a) your nasty attitude and b) your misrepresentation of the facts. And that's in no particular order.

Having watched the town board meeting, in no way was a raise asked for. It was stated that they hadn't had a raise in a couple of years.

Here's the issue with you - you frequently get things WRONG. And then wrap them up with your conspiracy theories.

Maybe people don't want to attend meetings because they know you are going to be there.

I bet if you spend less time worrying about how obnoxious you can possibly be you'll be able to FOCUS and actually report on something based in REALITY. It will do wonders for your credibility.

Anonymous said...


Possily your constant petty lies have kept you from a career in journalism.

Anonymous said...

Are there any female fire fighters in Greenburgh (paid)??

Anonymous said...

What was the excuse given to Feiner to refuse to be appointed at the library board?
Can you share....

Hal, GO AWAY!!!!! said...


No one cares. You have not made one dent on any of your Library issues. The message (if there ever was one) is lost. No one cares. Your facts may be correct but your presentation is so outrageous that what you are saying gets lost in the shuffle. Plus, you whining about this and that concerning the Library for the last few years has effectively insulates the Library Board from criticism because no one wants to be associated with you.

Anonymous said...

So Hal..... You refused this appointment? YOU FRAUD! Goes to show you DO NOT speak the truth..

Anonymous said...

Looks like the birthers are now targeting Samis.

hal samis said...

Again, I am not the taxpayer, you bloggers are. It pleases me to do what I do; when it no longer please me I'll stop. However, your taxes will not go away.

For the record, I was never offered the Library Board by the Town Supervisor, merely hinted at by one of his disciples. Would Feiner have appointed me at the time if I asked? Probably.
If so why did I not take it? Because at the time, the old Library Board would have remained in control AND my interest in other Town matters was broader. It would not do the Library any great service to be fighting the Town Board on other issues.

As for the recent Trustee vacancy, it was the exclusive right of the Library Board to fill the remainder of the term of the Board seat that will expire 12/31/09.
This seat is up for reappointment for a term commencing 1/1/10 and it is the Town Board that makes the appointment.

All I did was express interest in the manner proscribed by the Library Board. In turn, the Library Board ignored its own rules; it never acknowledged my application; it never interviewed me and never even responded with a thanks but no thanks.

And again, I need not be on the Board. I'm happy to be fifth wheel, allowed to speak and given the same information the Trustees are given but don't read carefully or question.

As for rapid fire comments by same person anonymous, do you really think that in a discussion of the Library's budget request for 2010, that the information that the Director hasn't had a raise was merely FYI. Do you think that this matter hasn't been discussed at Library Board meetings?

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me."
It's the same bloggers who feel so threatened by the truth that they fear the messenger and seek to discredit him. If no one listens to me, why then is it so important to remind me that no one cares. I repeat: don't read what I write if it makes you so unhappy.
Surely others are as smart as you and if that which is so obvious to you, it must also be equally obvious to them.
On the other hand, if it is you who is lying, then your response is the logical next step.

Here's more to fuel your ire:
a naming gift by the former President of the Library Board, Howard Jacobs. For a substantial contribution, we have the Jacobs Family Photography Gallery. In no way does this gift compensate taxpayers for the hundreds of thousands of dollars mispent by his Board on the Library expansion.

Separately, how about the not so subtle effort by the Library Foundation to channel contributions to the Library and avoid the Town Board by soliciting and directing these gifts directly and intended for a specific purpose. Most of the purposes are those items that were supposed to be included in the Referendum budget but somehow weren't funded even though the project was/is on budget. Nevertheless, perhaps the Foundation should think about raising money for the operating expenses that the Library maintains are not sufficient to continue service at their present level.

If contributions are directed to say, landscaping ($100,000 in the expansion) or furniture for the children's area but "underfunded", then perhaps the "need" to buy more books is bumped down to a lower priority. The issue has always been one of: not the lack of money but how it is being spent.

And look, you wasted your time reading this. Better stop now and post your reply.

Anonymous said...

Does your boss know he is paying you to blog on this site??

Are there any female firefighters in greenburgh (paid)

Anonymous said...

While I hate to add a posting which may move the focus of attention from the lively discussion between Samis and his critics to an immediately addressable issue, I will.
Recent news reports clearly present the incredible dangers of texting while driving. The risks are enormous and now, well documented. But just the other day our Supervisor was observed using his phone (presumably for texting) while driving along Ardsley Road.
A VERY BAD EXAMPLE for a public official to set for his community.

Mr Feiner, how about a solemn promise that you will NEVER AGAIN text while driving - and that you will use a legally-required hands-free device when talking on the phone while driving?

Please set a good example - and request that GPD enforce the law.

Anonymous said...

Hal, like I said before, keep doing what your doing. These taxpayers like to throw away their money because they couldn't care less how it is being spent. Since all taxpayers share the costs of this mansion called the free Greenburgh Video Store, why can't their meetings be shown on public access like the other Town meetings. Can't wait to see how the Town Board gives the Library this November.

Remy said...

Do you want to re-write your comment:
"I was never offered the Library Board by the Town Supervisor, merely hinted at by one of his disciples. Would Feiner have appointed me at the time if I asked? Probably.
If so why did I not take it? Because at the time, the old Library Board would have remained in control AND my interest in other Town matters was broader. It would not do the Library any great service to be fighting the Town Board on other issues."

You say "disciple", is that an elected official who has the power to nominate and appoint!

What do you say, that you were not offered the position, but refuse it?

So far your explanation is weak.
In the past you said that your were offered the nomination, what is it!

Either way, you were nor you are willing to fix anything.
Becuase: you did not like the people!
That's news!
Your statements miss the mark by miles, and your intent is superflous and wasteful to us tax payers.
Stop wasting our taxes with your malicious behavior. Better, get out of town!
You are happy to be a fifth wheel!
You look more and more like string of cans dragging down the avenue making disonant sounds.

Anonymous said...

Currently there are no career female firefighters within the 3 combination fire districts.

Anonymous said...

But I'm sure you already had known that.

hal samis said...

Dear Remy,

Surely you don't consider yourself a good example of one providing remonstration.

The disciple is Richard Garfunkle. He is neither an elected official nor an appointed official. Using such a resident as a cut-out allows the Town Supervisor to exercise deniability.
Mr. Garfunkle, in last week's miscellaneous, stated that I should have taken the position when I had the chance (see post signed Richard addressed to Sam).

As for taking the position then (assuming it became an officially sanctioned offer) but not taking it is simple enough. The timing was not right and I had no wish to be a minority raising hell while still employed fulltime. To be fully immersed in the activities of any Board, one really needs to be cruising at the same speed as other Board members, even when alternative roads are traveled. Thus, when a Board is comprised of the retired or those working part-time or running their own businesses, it makes sense to have the equivalent time to spare so as not to be the subject of criticism by not pulling your oar. As retirement looms, I expect to have more time available to devote to such callings.

Pissing the ignorant off, though, may be worth the price of admission. Don't feel left out; you've found your level.

In any case, consider your own lack of communication skills which either earn you the rating of ignorant or liar. Perhaps you can explain where you got this from.

"Either way, you were nor you are willing to fix anything.
Becuase: you did not like the people!
That's news!

Has it been long since you were ripped untimely from the cabbage patch?

Anonymous said...

Y is having female firefighters an issue? Have any taken and passed the test?

Anonymous said...

TO: 2:51

Lets see....YES, numerous! Boys club, get it!

Anonymous said...

Close down this pathetic web-site. It is no longer a tool for improving our Town - it is a weapon for Hal Samis. Hal, why don't you move out of Greenburgh if you find it so distasteful? Are you in a rent controlled apt.? Get lost Hal - go back to NYC and bother Mike.

Anonymous said...

I guess Samis has hit you where it hurts with his comments.

It seems to me that you cannot stand the truth about things as to how this town is being run .
Why is it that you say that Samis has been one hundred percent wrong in his comments concerning this disfunctional town..
Could it be that you have seen Feiner and his crew walk on water.

Anonymous said...

#31 Have you watches the work sessions where representatives of the library have come foward asking for more money that is needed to complete the library.
The town board voted to give them 19+ million dollars for a new library.
The additional land they received as a gift{this has been taken off the tax role}
Why should the taxpayers give up more of their hard earned money to complete the things that the library people kept secret all this time.
They all knew what was going on from the beginning.
Samis warned all of us of how crooked the library board and our own town board was.

Could you explain to us why Feiner was fighting so hard to get a new library board?????.

hal samis said...

Dear 8:06,
Is your patience wearing thin or are you a patient somewhere?
How come the issues don't bother you, only the messenger?
How come since you are an old school Greenburgh resident (you must have come over on the Feiner) that the only thing that upsets your peace of mind is me?
Why is it that all of the things I point out are of no importance?
Why is it that all of the things I point out, there's nothing that you find troublesome in them, just that they are pointed out?
Since recently I've been talking about shoddy management at the Library --and in this area, not about the Town Supervisor or even the Town Board for the most part --this would seem to narrow the field as to your origins.
What repercussions do you fear were you to use your name? If you have supporters in attacking me for providing information. won't they rally to your defense?
And just to give you another taste of what you miss by not attending the Library Board meetings (unless you are already one of those seated at the table), Director Contrata reported on the "success" of maintaining an employee downstairs, positioned to answer patron questions. The trial was held over the course of a month although the actual hours incurred were not mentioned. I believe the Director was proud to state that 236 questions were answered and that this was proof of its value.
No explanation of technique (how the number was accounted for), no mention of what questions were asked (where is the bathroom? where is the children's room, what time do you close, where is the reference section...whatever) nor what is of taxpayer significance, how much does it cost in wages and benefits to answer 236 questions in a month's time? I'm assuming that the person assigned to answer questions is likely one who has some seniority and familiarity with the library, not a part-time page hired yesterday.
But is anyone really needed just to perform this task? Isn't the layout of the library logical, aren't there signs or maps or some other permanent display or device that could replace a salaried employee? The tiny (for public display) mounted screens (yes there IS one on the ground floor, high over what they designate as the future cafe area and there IS another on the second floor viewable only if you are about to enter the children's area) should have been positioned and floor mounted as you enter the building (god knows there is space enough in the entryway rain forest and in the area in between the elevator and stairway let-off on the second floor).
But the way the library is managed is to add a concierge for those making their initial appearance in the building while at the same the Directors mull over reducing hours of being open or how many fewer books can they afford to buy.
Here's question #237 (from me): would it be better to be open an additional hour or provide "ask the greeter"?
But, hey wait a minute. Got a question to ask? How about asking it of the staff already working at the circulation desk? Or of those upstairs at the reference desk?
Uh oh, this brings to mind that the old, out of date library was laid out so that within the space of thirty footsteps, patrons could ask questions of either those at the circulation desk, the reference desk or from a staffer in either of the two offices that were located midway. In the new library of the future, the staff is shielded from contact with the public by private offices located out of harm's way. And having a building with two floors means now having to heighten confusion as well as justify my favorite question for the ground floor: where is the water fountain? Ans. You have to go through that set of doors, the set of doors after that, cross the multipurpose room (think events in progress) and it's on the far wall.
There's no end to how poor design can affect the operation of the building.
Meanwhile, the person who should be out front answering questions is the Library Director. Get her out there in front of the patrons; not hidden in her spacious office in the off-limits to the public section.

hal samis said...

Finally, since the library is a resource catering to the public, like a retail store, where is the store manager (Library Director et al) on the busiest days? Saturday and Sunday (wjen open), for instance? Neither the Director, the Assistant Director or the Assistant to the Director is in the house. I suggest that they rotate this assignment, get out there with their smiles and get to know their customers (patrons).
So buddy, I'm not leaving Greenburgh anytime soon. And if no one wants to change things to even suggest that the Library and the Town should be run like businesses when times are tough, then I propose that you force yourself to scroll on by whenever you see:
Hal Samis said...

Anonymous said...

Hal, I'm on your side but who is the Assistant to the Library Director? I don't know if there even is one. Unless you are talking about her secretary.

Anonymous said...

Keep commenting Hal maybe this guy who is sending you packing will take a hint and move to maybe the city or out of New york.

It doesn't bother him that Feiner and his crew have brought this great town down to nothing.

We were happy living here but this board and their outside stoogies have ruined our way of life because of their coverups as to where has our money gone.

Has anyone answered the question by many of us as to how come the housing authority has not paid for private Greenburgh police protection?

Why is the sewer scandal put on hold ==since it is monies due to many households?

Why is the assessor still getting her salary when she made numerous errors concerning our tax rates plus she refuses to do her job?

Why is the library board and head librarian always asking for more money.Did they not get enough by the way the project is still not completed.
Why is our town becoming a ghost town as far as businesses go.
Check out 119 did a bomb hit the area.

Go along Central Ave ===check out how many stores are vacant.

This is not the Greenburgh that we moved to many years ago.
This area has gone down hill since Feiner took office.
Our town board members are to blame also since they had no back bones to stand up for what was right.
Folks this is Feiners democratic way of doing busines.

hal samis said...

The Assistant to the Library Director is not a secretarial position. He, Cory Deitchman, is a very capable gentleman and the only person in Library management whom I both trust and respect.
However, he works for the Director which, unfortunately, puts him in the line of fire.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the investigation of TDYCC and the final report. Why is the supervisor keeping the outcome quiet when he and the chief of police called for an investigation. Is there a cover-up? I suspect that the outcome is not what he or the chief expected. Why was it called for in the first place? Am investigation of this is in order which may reveal a cover-up of motives of Kapica and Feiner to spare the embarassment of taxpayer money needlessly spent to look for a crime or to quiet charges of racism known by the town board board members made by the official opening the investigation to the DA's office.If there was no crime, then say so. If there was a crime state that. The public has a right to know.

hal samis said...

Dear 11:32,

On the draft Agenda of tonight's meeting of Board of Ethics is item #9:

"inquiry by town resident re Verifed Complaint deferred in November due to criminal investigation at that time."

This was not filed by me (I've got 3 others being discussed).

The meeting is at 7:00 in the Lee Jackson conference room.

Anonymous said...

I cannot make the meeting tonight but would be very interested if someone could update the blog re; the TDYCC so I can read about it tomorrow. Thank you.

close tdycc said...

the real ethical issue is why the tdycc even exists as a town function

close it and save millions

hal samis said...

Ask your Library Director what happened recently when the TDYCC came a-calling.

hal samis said...

Separately, and it hasn't hit the blog yet, the Supervisor just sent an email to the gblist to announce, golly what a surprise, the bricks are already in place to make last year's tax increase become the shallow end of the Town pool.
You were warned.
But don't worry, the matter is in hand. The Town Board will come to your block for your guidance.
But please, don't think about eliminating or curtailing the Council on the Arts. It might impair her ability to pay her Ossining taxes.

hal samis said...

The Assistant to the Library Director is not a secretary. He is a quite capable person, Cory Deitchman, the only person in managment whom I trust.

easy budget fix ideas said...

easy budget fix
close the tdycc
close the library at least 2 days a week
end xposure
sell some parkland
stop the nutrition program
get the valhalla money back

paul - no need to meet and greet

just swallow some backbone pills

feel free to add your ideas

Anonymous said...

Hal, you ignorant fool. You once again have brown colors around your mouth.

It's a good thing we live in the US of A which allows (but NOT entertains) people like you who feel more compelled to play Monday morning quarterback, rather than help solve problems.

Anyone can criticize, especially when they flaggrantly make up stories that conveniently fit their view. THAT IS YOU....

We need someone who can invest the same amount of time as you, and do good for Greenburgh.... UNLIKE YOU.

I would NEVER want to be in your company as you are angry, selfish and irresponsible. People want change but in a good and responsible fashion. NOT OFF THE HIP as you suggest in EVERY blog. If ANYONE actually listened to what you said, and followed what YOU want, you would STILL find a way to criticize them for NOT working on somehting else in your VERY NEXT blog.

Have a nice day and enjoy the rain as it hits your windows. Perhaps it wll give you some peace.

Anonymous said...

Hal, there is no Assistant to the Library Director. There is a Secretary to the Library Director (Cory). He follows orders like everyone else in the Library. He does not make policy. He is not in charge when the other two Heads are not there (which happens way too much). The head Librarian runs the Library in that case.

hal samis said...

Dear 3:58,
I enjoy a good read too.
Perhaps I can publish my stories and the Library will buy them for the children's room.

However my editor requests a list of the made-up stories, particularly the ones that are done so flagrantly (use the dictionaries at the Library if you don't have one).

Please be kind enough to provide this our fellow bloggers with some examples of what you consider fiction?

samis should be hired said...

another budget savings idea.

hire samis as a roving ambassador against waste and mismanagement.

had the town listened to him, it would have saved a few percentage increases on next years' coming tax increase.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal. I hear that the town is looking for the committee members to work on the assessment of whether or not to combine fire departments......THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU!!! A chance to get involved and actually BE PART OF A COMMITTEE!! WHOO HOO!!!! I think you would be wonderful at digging in and asking the hard questions to all the fire departments. Who knows what conspiracies are lurking out there waiting for you to uncover? What if they each have a fire dog? Waste! Extra tax payer money going to duplicative dog food! CONSPIRACY AGAINST TOWN CATS!

Anonymous said...

He's at it again, deleting my comments. Shame on you Paul. This isn't "open government".

hal samis said...

Dear 2:18,
The Ethics Board tonight agreed to proceed with the complaint brought by Pat Weems re l'affaire TDYCC. Since the Police investigation has indeed ended, the Ethics Board saw no reason not to respond. What the actual is and whom it was directed against, this information was not disclosed but will have to be once they begin discussing it.

Re my Feiner contribution complaints, the Supervisor has agreed to return $500, $250 and now he will have to decide whether or not to return another $200. The Ethics Board refuses to do what is within its power which is to recommend to the Town Board that he be fined the existing maximum of $250 for each wrongful solicitation and/or acceptance; they are treating each event as a first offense.

Dear 4:20,
You are correct; the Town Budget using NYS nomenclature identifies Cory as Secretary to the Director.
However, the image that Cory is opening her mail, answering her phone, getting her coffee, taking dictation or getting people on the phone for her simply is not reality.

As for Pat Weems, rumor has it that she obtained around 1090 signatures but the Feiner camp has challenged some 360. What's next, obtaining signatures to run as an independent or trying to mount a write-in campaign?

Dear 5:40,
Thanks but no thanks, I've seen Alan Hochberg in action from when he served on the Cable Advisory Board. A few months of Hochberg and the entire Cable Board imploded.

Dear 3:52,
Spoke with Lorne Michaels and he asked me to pass this along, if you're going to sample "Jane, you ignorant slut", there will be royalties charged.

And unincorporated, how does 17.5122% sound as next year's tax increase? Sample this, "nothing could be finer if Paul would move to Carolina in the morning..."

Anonymous said...

Hal: Have you taken a look at the petitions being challenged? Check out page one. All the signatures are in the same handwriting.

Anonymous said...

Feiner's campaign chairman, Richard Garfunkel, was so anxious to show how fearful Feiner is this year of a primary challenge, he marched over to the Scarsdale Inquirer's offices to prove to the world that Pat Weems should be knocked off the Democratic Primary ballot. Way to go, Richard. Not only do you demonstrate to the Fairview community (and the rest of the town) that Feiner is afraid of an African American challenger who knows how to speak truth to power, but you demonstrate at the same time that Feiner is anti-democratic - he only wants one name on the ballot -- his. If Ms. Weems had Feiner's money, she'd go after Feiner's petition signatures which, because they are collected randomly at supermarkets and the like, aren't from registered Democrats in the Town at all.

Wouldn't Feiner have been better off keeping Ms. Weems on the ballot? Nope, too risky for the incumbent. Who loses? The town's taxpayers.

local politics explained said...

i dont think feiner had much to fear from weems.

feiner is greenburgh (unincorporated division). its puzzling why the anti-feiner crowd never seem to realize that and either try to work with him or do the legwork necessary to create a viable alternative. instead they come up with these last minute nobodies who have no money, no organization and no name recognition.

why? because its hard and people today are soft.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:28 misses the point. If Feiner didn't have much to fear from Weems, then why would Feiner's campaign manager go out of his way to publicize Feiner's efforts to kick her off the ballot. Now all that anyone will remember is that Feiner was afraid of an opponent.

hal samis said...

I think that with all my complaints that I consistently favor the high ground - regardless of whom is standing there.

A few years ago re Feiner, I promulgated the idea of "just three votes" -- not because I was teaching math and not because I wanted to protect him from the heat.

It was in fact, an idea that was based upon a realist approach. Assuming that Feiner had found his permanent home, more so because no qualified candidate was likely to emerge as a serious challenger, the only way to neutralize him was accept he would be sitting in his usual seat and gain control of the votes on the Town Board that empower him. Positions that did not come with such a high cost to attain.

Just three votes means to get three, trustworthy and morally rooted residents to be those three votes. A process that might take two election cycles to achieve -- but still achievable. To take these three steps forward, it would be, following Steinbeck's narration in The Grapes of Wrath, necessary to take two steps back so as experience the harsh reality of "just five votes". Things can't get worse; they could only get better.

Since the opposition can't get Feiner out, Feiner needed to viewed as a cost of doing business by letting him remain as Town Supervisor but by taking control of the votes, he would effectively be neutralized and reduced to the role of Town Greeter and Town Concierge, functions he does well.
The problem was and is recruiting the new generation Town Council. However, look beyond this year and instead focus on two years hence when those running for re-election are also the most vulnerable of the four to the boot. And, there will be capable resident(s) who will have reached retired age by then and willing to run.

As for this year, the high ground for me is not to allow some anti-Feiner, even Garfunkel, comments stand unchallenged. There is an existing process to get on the ballot. If Ms. Weem's signature collection was defective, that is the only matter that deserves discussion. So far no one has seen fit to comment on this curious aspect; instead they address themselves to the motivations of Feiner and Garfunkel. The issue is black and white, not meant to invoke the litany of Fairview and Afro-American history. It comes down to the signatures and nothing more.
If Weems didn't get them: game, set, match.

In two years anyone who wants to play in the deep end of the pool will have another chance.

Anonymous said...

Politics 101 per Samis

Once again we are subjected to the lunacy of a renter in Greenburgh who only desires to disrupt and lie about any good that is done in this town. There are some very hard working people who are trying to make a difference to our youth, our elderly and to the taxpayers of Greenburgh. Yet they are each subjected to the malicious mouth and pen of our Town Crier.

I don't know about the remaining people who read this blog, but I grow weary of this fool. You want to talk about waste of time, energy and money. Think of Hal Samis as you utter those words.

Anonymous said...

Dear Politics 101:

A - you don't have to read Mr. Samis' postings.

B - you make generalized statements, but don't back them up with facts so we the informed, partially informed or those desiring to get informed public can make up our own minds about issues and candidates. In the land of Feinerdom, anybody who dares to utter any disagreement is banished from the kingdom (See Ms. Roper, Mr. Kolesar for recent examples, and maybe Mark Stellato, and others before them.)

Anybody want to place bets as to how long Mr. Talamini lasts now that apparently a document exists with some kind of projections that are apparently very troubling to the Supervisor?

hal samis said...

Dear 2:01 (as in Mommie Dearest),

By your reckoning, what part of the Town's budget goes to compensate for my "wasting time, energy and money" by my comments on this blog? Under what Departments and on which lines can I check your work?

In any case, whoever is wasting time, energy and money reading my posts -- if they're thinking Hal least they've chosen the platinum standard.

Anonymous said...

Hal - If you were metal, I would melt you down and throw you away.

And you DO waste OUR money through your lies and false acqusations. You take truths and twist them in your fantasy world. Then PROCLAIM you are god. Last I saw, you were not hanging from a cross.

Anonymous said...

Oh. I see we have a Hal Troll.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that only 5 people showed up at the consolidation meeting the other night at Secor Woods?

thatcher for supervisor! said...

I think we have gone through a period when too many children and people have been given to understand "I have a problem, it is the Government's job to cope with it!" or "I have a problem, I will go and get a grant to cope with it!" "I am homeless, the Government must house me!" and so they are casting their problems on society and who is society? There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then also to help look after our neighbour and life is a reciprocal business and people have got the entitlements too much in mind without the obligations.

hal samis said...

Dear 3:51,

All 10 of us blog addicts are sitting by breathlessly waiting for you actually to produce examples of my "lies and false accusations". I know this is summer and most of us are vactioning so you needn't spend too much time searching for just the ones that cost money (but be my guest) because I'll accept any examples of lies and false accusations -- with or without price tags.

Now don't be playing crassie/crossies or you'll invite someone to write about the pot calling the kettle Afro-American.

Do you know something I don't because if the position of God were open, I'm sure the Supervisor would be posting the job requirements on this blog.

What is perplexing though is trying to figure out whom your audience is because those of Joe McCarthy's generation are mostly dead by now.

Finally, be careful about how you run your smelting operation. There are new, tough laws to protect the environment from the poisonous gases released by your smoke blowing emissions.

And for good measure, your mother wears combat boots.

Anonymous said...

Hal - You are WAY TOO FUNNY. Have you considered a late night show, next to Conan Obrian? You would be a hit.
And yes, my mother DID wear combat boots. I felt them on my tuckus many times growing up.

I am now shocked that you brought up mothers into this. Goes to show what a classy guy you are. NOT!!!!

What happened to your taking the high road ALL THE TIME. LIAR!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The only person to blame is Ben Gillman who stayed one term too many. If he didn't ,Paul would have been other people's problem.

Anonymous said...

6:14, How right you are.

Anonymous said...

Hal - You have reached a NEW LOW. Now why don;t you crawl back under that rock and stay where you belong.....

Anonymous said...

The reason the entire Town Board is running unopposed is because most voters are happy with the town.

Anonymous said...

Seems like yesterday when my blog friends were suggesting that Feiner, Sheehan & Juettner were toast in 2009. What happened? They are all running unopposed.
Is it possible that the silent majority is happy with them?

maybe in 2011 said...

feiner juettner and sheehanigans are toast
problem is the restaurant serving a better meal filed for bankruptcy
now all we got are the crumbs

Anonymous said...

It takes more than writing in a blog to make real changes, in Greenburgh or anywhere. More people need to get involved in town, to get a better understanding of what actually needs to change. Some things can be taken on immediately as they would not cost much money or time. Others will require a strategy to implement a change.

Most times, change is required to a process, not people.

Greenburgh, as every other community in the USA, is in need of change. Let's do it. Let's move this town into a brighter future with process controls in place to run efficiently. Together we can do it. Divided we fail. Regardless of your political viewpoint, none of us would want our president to fail. That would cause the US to fail. Let's work together and influence the right changes for Greenburgh's future.

Anonymous said...

why is the town giving stipends for supervision of after hour shifts? Hire more day employees.
or is this another way to cover up the stipend payout.

Anonymous said...

There will be no change in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Eatme says:

Why are there no female firefighters in the town? Do the firehouses even have female locker rooms or showers??

Anonymous said...

It is more like a supporter of the incumbent who hopes to get a contract with the town for a computer system.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever stop to think that Ben Gillman stayed in office a bit too long just to keep Feiner from getting a higher position in Government.
Ben knew what he was doing.

Anonymous said...

Do those full-time employees that receive stipends earn those stipends after their seven hour day is finished? It's impossible to happen with the titles they have. e.g. (building dept., town clerk office, tdycc, dpw., to name a few.

Anonymous said...

12:14 - The politicians that re-aligned the districts hated Paul so much ,I think, did it because of him. He is not a well-liked person. They cringe when they see him at a affair.

Anonymous said...

The reason there are no female firefighters in Greenburgh is that none scored high enough on the list to be interviewed as the top three scores for each position available. That is a civil service law.

Anonymous said...

The entire Town Board is running unopposed. Most of us like what is happening in our town.

Anonymous said...

Dear 4:03
You mean you like 31% tax increases?

Anonymous said...

The Greenburgh police chief earns less than 21 members of the 3 paid fire districts!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! Congrats for your upcoming re-election!
Raal Patel

Anonymous said...

7:31 There are some in the town who get stipends while working regularly scheduled hours. They may not always be performing at a higher level and it is known that there is a change in responsibility because of the change of season with no additional hours. Check it out tax dollars are being doled out as favors to those favored employees.

Anonymous said...

7:31 There are some in the town who get stipends while working regularly scheduled hours. They may not always be performing at a higher level and it is known that there is a change in responsibility because of the change of season with no additional hours. Check it out tax dollars are being doled out as favors to those favored employees.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is critical of the stipends given to some town employees should compare their salaries to fire district employees. Did you know that one fire district in unincorporated Greenburgh pays a secretary $104,000. Two of the three fire districts base retirement on the last year of employment. The town would never get away with this.

Anonymous said...

The fire districts are run properly. Besides the Edgemont school district, they are THE ONLY things in Town that are run properly! The one thing they have in common is that Paul Feiner has nothing to do with them.

ed krauss said...


Just a little history re challenging nominating petitions.

A few years ago, a Republican running against "Mr. Clean" AKA Feiner, challenged his petitions. According to the judge hearing the case, Feiner's petitions were defective enough to throw enough of them out so he and his two Democratic running mates would be thrown OFF THE BALLOT!!!

However, the attorney representing the challenger used language which lost him the challenge.

Thus, Feiner's petitions, full of bad signitures, faulty addresses,multiple signatures written by the same hand etc. could not be thrown out...DUE TO A TECHNICALITY!!!

So, if the Repubican lawyer-an honorable guy killed in the 9/11bombing- changed ONE word in his presentation, we wouldn't have this blog, we wouldn't have a town being run into the ground, we wouldn't have Juettner, and we wouldn't have Paul the "holier-than-thou Feiner.

BTW, everyone , or most everyone knows how I feel about Feiner.However, he or his sychophant has every right in the world to challenge defective petitions.
If Ms. Weems petitions don't measure up,sad as it may be, she should not be on the ballot.

Finally, I have a lady friend named Remy. She is of Finnish origins. I know that the blogger trashing Hal, signing his venom off with the name Remy,is not using his/her real name, but it is an appropriate pseudonym.

Remy, after you're "finished" do you wipe the schmutz off your keyboard, or do you let it stay there to remind you of the filth you spew?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon: Why should deputy fire chiefs who serve a small portion of the town receive salaries of more than $225,000 a year?
Why should fire districts base pensions on the last year of service?
Why should 22 fire district employees earn more than the Greenburgh police chief, the Westchester County Executive and NYS Supreme Court Justices?

Anonymous said...

Someone showed me two pages of the petition sheets that Pat submitted. Every signature on the two pages looked like they were signed by the identical person! Go to the Board of Elections. Look at pages 1 and 5 if you want a laugh! My guess: It wasn't fraud. It was lack of knowledge of the petition process. If Pat chooses to run on the Independent line she should be more careful and should check the petition pages before she submits them to the Board of Elections.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Greenville fire secretary paid more than most of the firefighters ????

Anonymous said...

The salaries of firefighters who sign up for Greenville, Hartsdale and Fairview should not exceed the salaries of police who hold the same rank. Some of our firefighters earn over $225,000 A YEAR. Lower ranking firefighters earn in the neighborhood of $125,000 to more than $200,000 a year. Pensions are based on the last year of service.

Anonymous said...

9:14 Get a life and take the FD test

Anonymous said...

Although law enforcement and fireman tend to get all the love from Hollywood, these industries are not nearly as dangerous as they seem on the silver screen. In fact, many dangerous jobs belong to industries that seem — at least on the surface — tame. The following is a list of the ten most dangerous jobs based on statistics compiled by the United States Bureau of Labor.

1. Fisherman. (118 deaths per 100,000) Fishermen endure storms, fog, wind, and hazardous working conditions, which constantly put them at risk of drowning. And if fisherman suffer serious injuries while at sea — such as injury, illness, or hypothermia — medical help isn’t quickly accessible.

2. Military Serviceman. (111 deaths per 100,000) Technically, the Bureau of Labor does not report statistics on military fatalities, but given the public record they are easy to deduce. And while potentially dangerous under any circumstances, military service has been especially dangerous in recent years due to rising conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq.

3. Logging and Timber Workers. (93 deaths per 100,000)The duties of logging and timber workers include cutting down and transporting trees. As such, the nature of their work puts them at constant risk of being killed by heavy, falling objects. Logging and timber workers also are at risk because they often work on steep hills and in hazardous weather.

4. Aircraft Pilots. (67 deaths per 100,000) This category includes flight engineers and pilots of both commercial and smaller aircraft including crop dusters and air taxis. Naturally, the primary dangers of flying relate to engine failure, which may lead to crashing.

5. Structural Iron and Steel Workers. (56 deaths per 100,000) These workers climb dozens of stories to lay the iron and steel beams that form buildings, bridges, and other structures. Despite strapping on harnesses and other safety gear, structural iron and steel workers face a high risk of fatal injuries from falls, not to mention the many injuries they receive from tools.

6. Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors. (44 deaths per 100,000) Although falling into the garbage trucks may result in injury — and often does — the primary cause of death for refuse collectors is being hit by impatient motorists who try to pass garbage trucks at inopportune times.

7. Farmers and Ranchers. (41 deaths per 100,000) While often perceived as a peaceful existence, farming and ranching actually presents great danger, mostly in the form of tractors and heavy machinery. In fact, non-highway vehicle accidents account for most of the casualties among farmers and ranchers.

8. Electrical Power Installers and Repairers. (33 deaths per 100,000) Power line installers and repairers climb poles and towers to get — and keep — electricity up and running. Power lines are typically high off the ground, so workers are at high risk of injury due to falls. Plus, these workers are often at risk of electrocution from contact with the high-voltage power lines.

9. Truck Drivers. (29 deaths per 100,000) Driving is perhaps the most dangerous activity people do, and the danger is only compounded for those who do it professionally. Every day, truck drivers face collisions, overturning, and jackknifing, all of which are more likely and more frequent given their large and clumsy vehicles.

10. Construction Workers. (23 deaths per 100,000) Construction workers perform a wide range of potentially hazardous tasks. They work with heavy objects, great heights, and bad weather. Some jobs expose workers to harmful materials such as chemicals, noise, and dangerous machinery, all of which contribute to injuries and death.

Anonymous said...

Police salaries should equal firefighter salaries. No more, no less.