Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SHOULD GREENBURGH HAVE a 2nd farmer's market (possible locations: Bailey School, the library, town hall)

A terrific surprise: Went to the NEW Irvington farmer's market tonight. Felt I was on vacation! A terrific market, lots of fun. Recommend it highly. EVERY WEDNESDAY 4:30 to 8:30 P.M. PARKING LOT, MAIN STREET SCHOOL Locally grown produce Artisanal cheeses & breads Healthy & delicious prepared foods Wines made in the Hudson Valley Storytelling hour & other activities for children, music.
Greenburgh was among the first localities in Westchester to have a farmer's market. We started our farmer's market on E Hartsdale Ave about 15 years ago. Our market is much smaller than Irvington, Hastings or Tarrytown. It's held on Satursday mornings and early afternoon. This year, for the 3rd consecutive year, attendees are treated to live music from local musicians who donate their services. A special thanks to Town Clerk Judith Beville for organizing the music.
I think that Greenburgh needs a 2nd farmer's market--closer to central Greenburgh--with more farmers. Possible locations: Bailey school, the new Greenburgh library parking lot, Town Hall parking lot. What do you think? Have you visited the Hartsdale, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Tarrytown, Irvington or Elmsford farmer's markets? Which are your favorites? Please e mail me at


Anonymous said...

You should move the Hartsdale Farmers Market to a larger space - Presser Park would be great or even the parking lot @ the library. Don't think it's fair to bring in competition to a small business community that is already struggling. Scarsdale started a market this year and they kept it out of the downtown area.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you got enough vacant stores in Greenburgh?????

Why do you need a farmers market which is run by a town residents who we know cannot and does not produce all the veggies that he claims.

Give us a break. We need the existing businesses stop toying with peoples lives.

Anonymous said...

Another Farmer's Market does exist: its the farm up on W. Hartsdale Ave. which is the primary tenant at the Sat. market in the village. Just drive up to their spacious parking lot: its the same produce and vendor.

Anonymous said...

No way you can have it at the library. Not enough parking now for the patrons unless you have it on a Sunday when they are closed.

Anonymous said...

almost every city, town & village in our area now has a Farmers Market - the charm of such a market is gone. They are also competing with existing businesses; businesses paying high rents and taxes. A 2nd market in Greenburgh - just nuts. The music is nice but the market is not necessary and I'm not sure one has anything to do with the other. The folks gathering around the musicians don't appear to be shopping the market. Perhaps we can keep the music and get rid of the competition of this market. We will lose some of our downtown stores - the produce store, the florist, the baker, etc. This market was started when we lost Gristedes. It helped put IGA out of business and continues to impact our small shopping area. Feiner doesn't seem to understand this. This is just another place for him to campaign.

ed krauss said...

Shouldn't the question be, "shouldn't Greenburgh do more to support its local merchants?"

Isn't the Hartdale farmers' market n competition with some of the Hartsdale Ave merchants?

Ellen Gerstein said...

The Greenburgh farmers market is dominated by Westchester Farms which is up on West Hartsdale Ave. They are the kind of vendor that cannot possibly grow all the produce that they sell, so it's not of interest to me. I want what's growing now, from the farmer who is growing it. If corn is not in season, I'll wait. If I want to get it shipped in from Georgia, I can get that from Stews. The Hartsdale market is terribly fake compared to the Irvington or Hastings market. Take a cue from what they are doing if you want to improve Hartsdale's market. Don't bother advocating for a second one until we can get the first one right.

Anonymous said...

Ellen your right on the money...All that produce comes from the same place that the other merchants and super markets get their supply.

Feiner loves to put others out of

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that Mr. Feiner "loves to put others of of business", but rather Mr. Feiner suffers (and the taxapayers of Greenburgh because of it) from ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. Have you ever seriously watched him at a work session? He doesn't take notes, he drifts in and out of the discussion, raises off the wall comments, etc. Look at this blog. He posts all sorts of different topics becasue he is unable to focus for more than a few minutes on a few of the many significant issues facing the Town. He just shoots from the hip. Whatever crossed his mind, from whatever source in the past 15 minutes, gets his attention.

Woe is us. (I am not a health professional and I am not trying to put Mr. Feiner down, but I think I am correct.)