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Week of July 12th: Miscellaneous

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take the wall down now said...

that ugly wall in front of presser park is falling to pieces

its placement and "design" was as rash as an act as mr bush going into Iraq in response to his moronic war on terror

its time to admit it was a divisive mistake

take it down ---NOW

Anonymous said...

United Water, town staff and Feiner are all so nervous about what an independent engineering inspection of the Metz Reservoir drainage system might show that they're refusing the neighbors demands for such an inspection, citing national security. Talking about taking a page out of the Bush/Cheney playbook. How stupid do they think Edgemont residents are?

Anonymous said...

We should all get together to sue
not only the town officials but the united water company.

We should all get our taxes reduced by half.

This was also Maddens doing he loves to keep people in the dark.
Another flip flpo is the Leeds program.

WHAT A SCAM.Greenburgh needs this program like a hole in ones head.
People go to jail for scams does Madden and the rest of the board realize this.

Anonymous said...

What other project will be going up.
Is it not off the projects that would have brought in some revenue were defeated by the board.
For instance Home Depot .
The board said no and it was placed in MT.Pleasant.
The Atlas building was to come down making way for a supermarket or an office building. this too was defeated.
What ever could help Greenburg financely this board turns down because they know that the hike in taxes will cover all that they do to help the needy.
Get rid of both centers.
Our taxes are used to keep these two places alive.
Did the comptroller ever add up how much it costs the taxpayers to keep both places going.
All this money could be saved and yes we would be classified as number one.
for us who live here.
Get Kapica and the assessor to look into this matter.
Let's see what they come up with..

about madden said...
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hal samis said...

Sent to the Town Board, Town Clerk and Ethics Board

"Surely, the posted online Agenda of a just added and previously unscheduled SPECIAL Town Board meeting to be held with the Ethics Board this Thursday at 11:00 am when the working public cannot attend while not being conducted in a location where it can be televised, could contain some information about the reason(s) for the meeting and topic(s) to be taken up at this meeting. As it is being held during the summer when many residents are away on vacations, it would seem reasonable that a government which often proclaims that it favors transparency would make some extra effort to ease the concerns of non-believers that there is something terribly hush-hush going on during this election year."

wall is ugly said...

i agree
that wall is ridiculous and improper use of public land to promote the private rotary (whose mural is all an eyesore)

Anonymous said...

A month ago, I had to call the police because my son was becoming violent. The police decided it was best if my son was taken to Westchester Medical Center for evaluation -- a two weeks later, I received a bill from the police department for $600 PLUS an $18 gas surcharge for this service.

My question is -- what the heck am I paying taxes for if I need to pay for an emergency service?????

Can anyone offer any answers?????

Anonymous said...

Despite the current state of the wall, I've noticed that the field is finally getting back into shape due to the enforcement of resident use only.

Gone are the large groups of non resident soccer players complete with hibachis and alcohol. People were flying kites yesterday which hasn't been seen for years.

Too bad it took an out cry from the public over several years to restore the park.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:09 - what is the "Atlas" building? If you mean the old health spa on Central Avenue please note that that was not defeated. The developer came in with preliminary plans, had a public hearing which resulted in suggestions to improve and/or mitigate a steep slope issue - the developer never came back. Home Depot - you should do some homework about their tax standing. Home Depot is notorious for filing tax certs nation wide and also for being in arrears on their property taxes. The cost to many municipalities to collect these taxes and/or defend themselves against the tax certs makes one question whether or not we want them in our Town. That being said, the community came out hot and heavy against the project as they do with every project. Their biggest concern was traffic. Maybe it's me but I don't think the Home Depot in Mt. Pleasant has impacted traffic. If anything, the road improvements required by Mt. Pleasant made it better for everyone.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 7/14/2009 10:09 AM:

What two "centers" are you referring to - TDYCC and AFV Park?

Re TDYCC, I believe you can get most of that information from the Town's budget, which is available on line.

To Anonymous 7/14/2009 11:05 PM:

All individuals who use the Town's EMS services are billed (or are supposed to be). Submit the bill to your health insurance company, if you have one and then forget about it. Whatever the insurance company pays is what the Town gets. No insurance, no problem. Forget about it. It's an election year, nobody will be ringing your doorbell looking for any money.

Anonymous said...



This way they can all work together under one BOSS. Time to get rid of the $250,000 dead fire wood.

Anonymous said...

To 11:05P.M. - I was taken to the hospital last year by the Town's ambulance and also was billed for the ride. They told me to submit the bill to the insurance company and if they did not pay it not to worry about it. They double bill for one ride. Taxes and insurance pay for the same thing. Did you know that Mr Feiner?

Anonymous said...

How many police officers went to Sleepy Hollow last night? for the SWAT call. Sleepy Hollow isn't even in the Town ,it's in Mt.Pleasant. how much did this cost in overtime ?

Anonymous said...

It's another topic, but I've always wondered why government agencies are encouraged to seek reimbursement from citizens' private health insurance for the provision of government services. Just like the ambulence and police services above, the county also tries to "go after" individual's insurance for providing "free" services like Special Education therapies. Because these payments by private insurers will ultimately be paid for by higher premiums assessed to their customers, this government practice amounts to an additional tax on those citizens who are employed and have private insurance.

Anonymous said...

Greenburgh P.D. SWAT and Hostage Negotiators did an oustanding job helping Sleepy Hollow last night!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the PD can go to other municipalities but the fire department is always under a gun for doing the exact thing?????

Could you help ? said...

Paul, I have a few questions reguarding the "Elmwood Day Care Center" located on Dobbs Ferry Road. The parents that pick there kids up are parking there cars on Palisade Ave. and Green Acres.They are blocking access to the road and are also blocking private driveways. Is the center required to provide parking ? I am also wondering who pays for the Greenburgh Police officer to stand there daily from 3 to 4 and direct traffic ? I know that it is durning the day but the Bull Horn calling names daily for the kid to know that there parents are has got to be toned down. The sound is deafening. I also would like to know is there a limit on how many people can be on site at one time. There has to be some Fire Department regulation on assembly limits. Paul, yes it is a commercial business but it is surrounded by residental homes and we pay taxes too.

Anonymous said...

Please have the weeds cleaned on the Central Ave median strips, especially from the Yonkers border to Ardsley Road, but also at Underhill/Old Army and East/West Hartsdale. It's such an embarrassing transition from Yonkers to Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

5:42 the medians should be cleaned but the problem is it is a state road and Feiner needs to get on the state to maintain these medians. Everyone pays state taxes but yet getting the state to do work is another thing. Unless you have a politician riding their butt.

elmwood said...

elmwood is not a day care center
it is a summer camp
most of the kids who go there arrive and leave by bus
the parents who pick up their kids in the afternoon drive into elmwood's lot
it makes no sense that any of them would park blocks away
recently elmwood had visiting day and the parents parked near the driving range and were bussed to the camp
elmwood has been around since 1957 and is probably the best day camp in westchester

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened at the Metz Reservoir meeting last night? Unfortnately I arrived at Town Hall just as this meeting was breaknig up. I overheard Madden telling a planning board member that Edgemont residents were thanking him...I live within 200 ft. of this eyesore, I don't think I will thank him anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Sleepy Hollow is NOT in Mt. Pleasant

Anonymous said...

Observant Citizen writes:

How come there are NO female firefighters in the Town of Greenburgh?

Look before speaking said...

Dear elmwood said...
elmwood is not a day care center
it is a summer camp
most of the kids who go there arrive and leave by bus
the parents who pick up their kids in the afternoon drive into elmwood's lot
it makes no sense that any of them would park blocks away
recently elmwood had visiting day and the parents parked near the driving range and were bussed to the camp
elmwood has been around since 1957 and is probably the best day camp in westchester

7/16/2009 6:43 AM
If you come by Palisade Ave and Green Acres right now you will see numerous cars waiting for their kids blocking access to the roads and driveways.

use some common sense said...

sounds like they are waiting to get into elmwood's lot if that is the case. no children are brought out to the street. what stops you from walking over to the camp and asking the owners to ask the parents to try to be courteous?

either way, they have a right to park on the street like anyone else.

further, when you buy a house near a school or a camp, you cannot complain about traffic when they are in session.

Anonymous said...

Dear 1:10

Have no fear. Once Hochberg and Feiner get their hands on the fire departments, you will have many new female firefighters regardless of whether or not they can physically do the job. Hochberg and Feiner don't care about YOUR SAFETY, they need the tax revenue from the fire departments and then do what serves them most politically afterward.

Dear common sense said...

Dear 7/16/2009 3:47 PM
How would you like it if someone pulled into your driveway and you were right behind them? How would you like it when you cannot gain access to your street because of all the cars parked on the street. Please let me know where you live I would like to park my car in your driveway.

silly said...

next time, look where you are buying.

i suggest you talk to the camp directors about the problems you are allegedly having.

blogging about it is rather silly.

Anonymous said...

The Day camp is a PRIVATE Camp ,NOT public. It is the Camps responsibility to insure that there members RESPECT the property of their neighbors.

Anonymous said...

7/16/2009 4:08 PM

why not let the female firefighters do the shoping at the A+P

Anonymous said...

Very nice 6:01,

It's time for you to leave. Your wife is freshly primped, waiting at the door for your arrival, holding a martini.

See ya!

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out where Hartsdale and Fairview firefighters shop.

I'm sure that they too spend some time shopping at Pathmark.Morton Williams and A&P on 119.

Stop picking on one fire house .
Do you eat,, well I do think these guys have to do the same.
Do you pay for their food.?????

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a job that would pay me to shop,and then go back to the firehouse and cook what ever, then sit down and eat I only get 45 min. for lunch and 35,000.00 a year,I bet you make that in O T

parking violations said...

if anyone is parking in violation of a sign, call the police.

if there are no signs saying parking is not allowed, thats life.

btw - the camp pays taxes and provides jobs.

P. Leavy said...

Jeez! What's with the picking on FF's and where and when they shop? Yes, They need to eat. They shop and cook for the house. They even sleep while on duty. They perform chores while they wait for alarms to come in. They gear up and go.

WTH is the point?

Have you ever had a family FF killed while performing his duties? I have.
He shopped, he slept, he cleaned and he was there when citizens needed him.
He ran in when you ran out.

You people need to get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Good for P. Leavy.

Anonymous said...

To the slob in the Green Explorer who parked his car in front of my house. I wish I knew where you lived so I could cram down your throat the 1/2 uneaten pop tart and wrapper you threw out the car window in front of my house.

Anonymous said...

The Town of Mount Pleasant is located in central Westchester County, New York approximately thirty miles north of New York City. It is bounded on the north by the Towns of New Castle and Ossining, on the south by the Town of Greenburgh, on the east by the Kensico Reservoir and the Town of North Castle and on the west by the Hudson River. Within its boundaries lie the incorporated villages of Pleasantville, Sleepy Hollow, and a small portion of Briarcliff Manor.

Anonymous said...

11:44 Yes Sleepy Hollow is in Mt.Pleasant. you do not know what you are talking about.

There are no women firefighters in Greenburgh because they do not take the test. You must pass a test first to get hired.

Anonymous said...

7:13 stop complaining and take the test to get on the fire dept.
You probaly could'nt handle the job.
are you aware that even after the firefighters shop and cook their food, that when the bell rings they have to leave and answer the call, no matter what the call is for. you get to eat and relax without a worry in the world.
stop complainig!

dear pop tart opponent said...

next time get the license plate

Anonymous said...

Fire Fighting a a very dangerous career that we take for granted. Most of the work of a fire department is back office, and never seen. It includes hours upon hours of fire prevention and safety training, for the themselves as well as the public. We forget that their function is to prevent fires. That is where we as taxpayers get our best bang for the buck. Do we wish them to spend more time fighting fires? I think not! That is a dangerous way to think for them and our community.

I am not saying that there are no better ways to improve some of their processes. There always are.

I hope that the new commission focuses on the processes and NOT just on money savings. Otherwise, we place our community in a grave situation. Get the Fire Departments involved with the new commission. Let them be part of our solution. After all, we need this service, both from a prevention as well as a safety aspect.

Anonymous said...

Sleppy Hollow is a village within Mount Pleasant township, just as Tarrytown is a village within Greenburgh township.

hal samis said...

Something here to annoy everyone.

Fire FIGHTING is a dangerous job --in any community or location.
The Police having to Confront ARMED perps is also a dangerous job -- just an infrequent problem here in Greenburgh.

However, the pay scale for soldiers fighting abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan -- dangerous situations day and night whatever the assignment -- does not pay nearly as well or provide the same retirement benefits and the food shopping is nowhere as safe or inexpensive as it is at the local A&P or even the proposed Stop & Shop.

You see not everyone gets $100,000+ salaries plus overtime because their workplace is fraught with danger. Instead, we have:

Greenburgh Police performing EMS our local, long-standing joke.

Apparently, the Chief of Police is much better suited to analyzing the Fire Districts than his own Department.
Yes, having one person TRAINED to perform two tasks seems to better utilize manpower. However, an officer cannot perform both functions at the same time -- when he is patrolling, he is not EMSing; when he is EMSing (and each incident is a lengthy, time-consuming event) he is not patrolling. And there's the rub that Kapica refuses to explain. When officers are called to EMS service, if they are replaced by other officers called to assume their Police patrol function (or those already on patrol in other sectors are now covering for their serving EMS chums -- leaving their own sectors less patrolled), the EMS response and the fill-in for the missing patrols often leads to overtime for both those called to EMS and the Police officers who replace them on patrol. In the end, even if their are little savings, what the Chief gets is the creation of more overtime for his Department which is not part of the cost comparison. In the end, a separate EMS operation does not cost more and at least knowing who's on first and today's catching as dedicated roles pays a dividend.

It is a simple law of Physics that no two pieces of matter can occupy the same space at the same time.
Except that doesn't seem to matter in Greenburgh.

What the Police should be investigating is looking for the missing Town Capital Budget (a year without new vehicles etc?) and the missing $12 million of Library expansion bonds.
"Delicate matters" that won't be on the calendar until AFTER the September Primary.

OK, I forgot the Police are still looking for the other gang members in the Donald Park home invasion.
Darn, and Kapica wanted his own helicopter too but the NYPD's failure to make their's payoff must have deflated that notion.

Look for the SWAT to be called out more and more even if they aren't needed or they don't do anything when called up. More opportunities for overtime and more mention in the media = justification to have one even as Town taxes rise another 15%.

But we do have sufficient unincorporated Greenburgh officers for assignment as camp counselors.

But the good news is that so far taxpayers are not supporting a firehouse dog. Next time you see Chief Kapica, ask him how much Patriot costs taxpayers for his maintenance, his keeper (overtime, benefits and stipends) AND Patriot's medical bills -- those pre-Obama.

Obviously Patriot belongs to a more agressive Union than the CSEA who still haven't obtained promised COL increases from two years ago -- increases that taxpayers ALREADY paid but which got lost by our Town Board stars.

Of course the Town Clerk gets her stipends, even if the job itself shrinks.

Taxpayers, Have a Nice Daze.

Anonymous said...

State road or not, just as Yonkers chooses to maintain its Central Ave median strips, Greenburgh can at least do regular weedwacking and sweeping. It's likely not a high priority for the state, but it certainly should be for Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Hal, it looks like the CSEA will finally get their raises, a whole 3% total for two years. Meanwhile the Police got 4.1% for one year. That's really fair!!!!!!! I guess you have to live out of Town to get more benefits.

wacks needed said...

lets hope the weed wackers wack that wall in front of presser park

what a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

And what's going to happen with the parking at the TDYCC? This year was horrible because of all the activities going on. Along with the insistence that Gay Silverman staying at the pool even though there is already one swim team, the parking situation is a big headache.

And one other question, when is the pool committee meeting again? There should be a discussion on the fall schedule with input from the evening users which means the aerobics, swim lesson, and lap people. We're being squeezed because of Ms. Silverman and the FAST team. If the FAST team is a little late getting out, we aren't allowed to stay in a little later since Ms. Silverman seems to, by her mere presence, intimidate the gaurds into kicking us out earlier than scheduled. We are supposed to have the pool from 6:30 to 7:30pm but it often comes out to be 6:35pm to 7:25pm in crowded conditions where no one is happy: not the classes nor the lap swimmers. How about doing your job Paul and standing up for the residents of all Greenburgh instead of Gay Silverman?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


only an asshole with no life would attack a dog

ruff ruff

Anonymous said...

Hal Samis doesn't even pay taxes in Greenburgh!

hal samis said...

"Hal Samis doesn't even pay taxes in Greenburgh."

Repeatedly and gloatingly stated by Hal Samis.
Now, who's the smart one?

"only an asshole with no life would attack a dog"

Ask the Chief about ruff ruff's dental bills AND ruff ruff's surgery bills!

What I've observed is that apparently most Greenburgh residents who DO pay taxes don't care.

So, in the final analysis, who's the asshole or, who's paying Ritz Carlton prices to live in a doghouse?

And "leash" of all, this coming budget year is that this is the year that will squeeze the last drops from the Fund Balance; the year after that all that is left for the Feiner team is running on empty.

Anonymous said...

you don't have to be a Malone to become a firefighter.
You just need brains to pass a test.
Could it be that you are a little backwards.

Anonymous said...

7:13 Maybe if you had the brains you could have become a fire fighter.if you took the test.
It seems to me you have neither brains or guts. Stick to your nothing job and stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

As you say Samis may not pay taxes here in Greenburgh,because he rents but you have to remember that he has been the watch dog that is keeping all of us informed as to how the town spends our money foolishly.

How many good things has he accomplished by speaking up at meetings ?
How many good things has he written on this blog to let us know how and what was said at meetings that were not televised.

Thank God for this man.
He should run for some office here in Greenburgh which would bring a big change to the entire picture.

Anonymous said...

This blog is becoming an embarrassment. It's like reading the stall in a public restroom. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Well said Madame!

Anonymous said...

How about we stick to the issues at hand and stop all the name calling and back stabbing. This blog has gotten out of control. All personal attacks should be deleted. If you can't disagree with someone with a little common decency then don't respond at all.

Anonymous said...

Simple question to the Supervisor and Senator Stewart-Cousins:
Why Greenburgh is At the bottom of the NYS appropiations:

Anonymous said...

This one might be a better link:

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 7/18/09 12:44 AM:

The answer is very simple. First, Mr. Feiner has ticked off so many politicians all around the State, that Greenburgh is one of the last places to see aid (and especially from Westchester County) and second, when you replace a senior State Senator (Nick Spano) with a new comer (Stewart-Cousins), you, the community go down on the list. That's politics.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Cousins was elected with Gov.Spitzer to make changes in Albany. She certainly did!!!!!!
Nick Spano use to bring millions of dollars back to Yonkers/Greenburgh and Mt.Pleasant, but the people wanted a change, and we have it. No money for us. It's a damn shame!

Anonymous said...

Agree with 4:57, 9:29, and 10:30pm.
This blog is way too personal - ie personal vendettas by anons - issues have gone by the wayside - it's getting very boring.

Some comments are good, and stay on issues, but many commenters need to tighten up - Edit before you post. That is hard to do - it takes more time to write a good short post than a lengthy one. Short, simple and pithy has much more impact.

hal samis said...

Per Sy Syms: "An educated customer is my best customer"

Per U.S. Army "First we're going to tell you what we're going to tell you; then we're going to tell you what we're telling you; and then we're going to tell you what we told you".

Somewhere in between is this blog.

Per Brylcreme spot (circa 1960's)
"A little dab'll do ya"

But for those with male pattern baldness, a little exposition doesn't hurt since everyone is not up to 11:39's level of knowing it all.

samis should seek higher office said...

samis for governor!

hal samis said...

Before "higher" office, you need to first occupy a lower office.


I recently sought to fill a vacancy on the Library Board.

The Library Board refused to even interview me for the position, much less even acknowledge I had applied. Both steps contrary to their published rules.

Instead new Library Board President Frank Musantry appointed the wife of his friend.

This is the same Frank Musantry who appeared before the Town Board work session a week ago (with the new Trustee) and told the Town Board that the Library needs more money next year because they have been budgeted for fewer books and dvd purchases which is true; what he didn't state was that the Library had almost $200,000 left unspent at year end (subsequently and before Musantry was on the Board -- the Library used $100,000 of this surplus for chairs, etc for the new building, items in the Referendum budget "but the project is on budget and on time") or money that could have been used to buy more books and dvds.

This is how your Library Board operates and why they don't want an "odd man out".

The vacancy filled by the Library Board was that remaining of the unexpired term of a Trustee who resigned. This seat comes up for Town Board appointment January 1. There is also another vacancy on January 1 and whether this is from a disinterested Trustee or the throwing in of the towel by another Trustee, one who has missed the last four meetings of the six held since assuming the position, I don't know.

In any case, there are at least two slots, maybe three, open on January 1.

The Town Board which has control of these appointments knows of my interest as does the Library Board.

Incidentally, since my resume at age 64 doesn't need new titles, I offered instead to be a fifth wheel at Library Board meetings (minister without portfolio)sharing my knowledge but allowed to read what materials (i.e. Library operating report) that they discuss (with great secrecy) at these meetings and freedom to comment on items as though I were a non-voting member of the Board. This too wasn't even acknowledged.
Just think how dangerous it would be if the Trustees allowed me to sit at their table and be current on information rather than having to FOIL it after the meeting.

These are the games they play.

Oh well, its your tax dollars not mine.

Anonymous said...

Ok Hal, so a little dab WON'T do YOU but that means you'd better be interesting in the first 2 paragraphs.

In this case, re the Library Board and your effort to get appointed to the Board - all I can think to hope for,is that this oligarchic Board will go the way of the Gburgh Dem Committee - DOA - totally irrelevant. But my pessimistic psyche keeps humming , "That'll be the Day".