Friday, July 17, 2009


Join friends & neighbors to build teams for local action towards a clean, healthy & sustainable Greenburgh!

Do you garden, carpool or recycle more? Thinking about insulating your home? Interested in community organizing, environmental health issues, local food sources or reducing your carbon footprint?


Join Greenburgh’s Conservation Outreach Coordinator and members of the Climate Action Task Force to talk all things green at:

Hartsdale Farmer’s Market (with Solar Punch performing at Noon!)

Hartsdale Train Station

JULY 18th 10-2pm

Greening Greenburgh Workshop:

Getting to Green: What YOU Can Do!

Greenburgh Public Library

JULY 29th 6:30-8:30

Part of a community group, organization or any kind of Board member?

Show up to find out how you can improve any environmental/health goals!

Please share any ideas, questions or comments:
Deann Cartwright 914-403-0847

CELEBRATE GREENBURGH DAY IS SATURDAY AT ANTHONY VETERAN POOL---This year, because of budget cuts, we have scaled back this special event. We are not spending any overtime on the event. None of the acts on the pool will be paid. No movide is being shown and no outside amusement rides are being contracted. We have hired a DJ for the pool from 1-5 PM for $300. Tennis activities are being done in house. All outside acts in the pool area are free: TDYCC belly dancers, TDYCC african drums, blues mothers and more...

We do not want to completely shutdown recreational activities and we encourage our residents to attend this year’s special event. There are many unincorporated area residents that only come to our pool complex on the Celebrate Greenburgh Day and we hope that this year’s diluted event does not distract them from attending.

As for lifeguards there will be a full staff scheduled since we still anticipate our largest crowd of the year.


- Learn to grow a vegetable garden at the Botanical Gardens
- Celebrate Greenburgh Day
- Hudson River Seining
- Works by 30 Contemporary Artists, from 15 countries in Peekskill
- Participate in “Beings that Heal Us” at the Blue Door Gallery
- “Broadway and Hollywood Favorites” featuring the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra
- Celebrating “Life Along the Hudson” in Yonkers
- Polish Heritage Celebration at the Kensico Dam Plaza
- Bookmaking at the Hudson River Museum
- Evolution Arts Exhibit Series on Main Street, Yonkers
- Family Day at the Katonah Museum of Art
- Mad Science at the Greenburgh Nature Center,
- 2009 Mostly Music Festival in Memorial Park, Nyack
- Robert Cray Band in Tarrytown
Go to for more information on these and many more events this weekend.

Next Week……….
- Business & Social Networking on the Hudson at Blu, Hastings, July 22, 7 – 9pm
- River Ciphers, Live from The Rec Room Dobbs Ferry, July 22, @ 7:00
- Parent’s Night Out: Wine Tasting and Art Show. Presented by Rivertown Play Group and The Rec Room, Dobbs Ferry
- Greetings From Anywhere at Hastings Station Café, July 23 @ 6:30
- Peter and the Wolf at Caramoor, July 25
Visit for all of the details on these and many other events in the coming weeks.

Weekday Events for Kids……
Go to to find great programs for kids of all ages. Check back often, new events added daily. The Rivertown playgroup also posts interesting programs/events on their website.


Anonymous said...

So you want to talk green....Nothing is greener than e Central Ave.
If this is what you consider what green should be than we have to thank you for making the area a pig stye.

Why don't you take a good look at Central Ave ,in yonkers.
Boy that's what a area should look like ----a welcome for shoppers.
Greenburgh a disaster area.
Forget about 119 that area looks as though a plague hit it.
Paul this is all your doing .
Start with clearing up what we have first and then see if you have the ability to beautify Greenburgh to make it more livable and a good place to shop.

Feiner needs to update blogsite/emails said...

to 111;38AM I agree with you about this issue Yonkers brings thier own water truck in to keep the Avenue looking great even though it is a State road . Paul we should take a lesson form the Great city of Yonkers LOL.

Anonymous said...

Guess what Paul Yonkers is in a better condition attracting shoppers than Greenburgh.

Maybe CNN should take notice of how filthy Greenburgh is from one end to another.
Ardsley should build a tall wall seperating their area from the unincorporated area.

Our town board should be ashamed to allow this town to become a dump.
Juettner doesn't care because she lives in Ardsley, Paul lives in a gated complex but the other three live amongst the filth but it does not bother them .

Anonymous said...

MOST RESIDENTS DON'T READ THIS BLOG! Write letters to the editors of the Journal News, NY Times and Scarsdale Inquirer. Attend Town Board meetings and take advantage of the public comment sessions. ATTEND YOUR COMMUNITY OUTREACH MEETINGS - These are the meetings that draw the most residents. Enlighten your neighbors by speaking out at these outreach meetings. Don't be hateful or spiteful or make personal attacks. Just be honest and open about your concerns as a citizen and highlight the poor job our current supervisor and Town Board are doing on our behalf.

The entire Town Board is now rubber stamping Paul Feiner. They all fear his campaign war chest and really fear losing their NYS Retirement and their Town sponsored health benefits not to mention their $30k salaries. They have all sold us out. They have no interest in what's good for our Town = they are only interested in what is good for them. Sad, but true.