Monday, October 05, 2009


I just attended a ribbon cutting ceremony at RJ Bailey School. The school district and Dr. Molly Easo Smith, President of Manhattanville College, announced the Manhattanville College/RJ Bailey School partnership.

Any student who graduates the Central 7 School district with a B average will receive a 50% scholarship during their four years at Manhattanville. This could be a big boost to Greenburgh residents who reside in the Central 7 school district since college tuition at Manhattanville currently is around $35,000 a year.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was very exciting. The school district announced a professional development agreement. Manhattanville College will send instructors and student teachers to the school to help the school district improve instructional practice and enhance student learning. In effect – Bailey School is becoming the equivalent of a teaching hospital – the school is being used as a training center to help future teachers learn the profession. Other faculty from Manhattanville will work with the school district to improve instructional practice and enhance student learning.

The students who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony all wore “I’m Getting Ready for College” shirts. They sang a song (Let’s Connect, Reflect, Direct, Protect) written by Bob Lance- Music Teacher and Choral Director. I have invited students to attend the Town Board meeting on October 14th at 7:30 PM at Greenburgh Town Hall. I would like to salute Ron Smalls, Superintendent of Schools, Marguerite Clarkson, Principal of RJ Bailey school and the school board for this initiative.


Are money problems getting the best of you or someone you know?

Help us pass the word about a free Westchester County government service -- a Financial Helpline -- that can answer financial questions and direct people to resources that might be able to help. Just dial 211 from 4-8 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 6 or Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Callers are invited to address any financial topics of interest such as budgeting, debt, mortgages, foreclosure, investments, credit, retirement planning, consumer scams, and paying for college. Calls will be answered by a team of financial experts volunteering their time who come from local banks and credit unions, financial industry associations, and financial education nonprofit agencies.

The first Helpline in July received more than 300 calls.

The Helpline project is a joint effort of Westchester County, United Way of Westchester and Putnam, and Community Capital Resources (CCR) and is intended to help residents better manage their finances in this time of economic uncertain


Anonymous said...

Do we not have another school in Greenburgh????
Why only central sev.

The other schools have students that cannot afford tuition.
Boy Paul how you love to buy votes.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. What about those with kids who are paying tuitions and taxes to support these G7 kids? WHAT ABOUT THEM?

Are you saying that it is not available to ALL KIDS IN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT?

Anonymous said...

Wait. It says DISTRICT! Where is the info to apply? It had better be in each and every home in TOG with school age children! It had better be in the administration offices of all of the private school in TOV! Got that Paul?

gotta love this town said...

Well,well, well. Lookie here.

I think the school district bit off more than they bargained for. Wouldn't it be illegal to not offer this scholarship to all qualifying students living in the district?

And....why is Paul bragging about it? Hmmmmmmmmmm.......

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Where do I sign up? I have no money for my son's college tuition but he doesn't go to Woodlands. Where do I get more information? I'm assuming he is eligible living in the school district. Right?

Question ,question,question said...

Is this available to all Greenburgh residents ? Does it have to be this year ? Will it be available next year ?

Anonymous said...

Land mine just blew up. way to go

Anonymous said...

Way to go!
Central 7 rocks!

Anonymous said...

Manhattanville today...Sarah Lawrence next month!

Anonymous said...

It must be available to all Greenburgh Central children who qualify. Not just those who are enrolled in Woodlands.

This is going to awesome!

Anonymous said...

Any student who graduates the Central 7 School district with a B average will receive a 50% scholarship during their four years at Manhattanville.

If the Supervisor says so, it must be true!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Finally! Something for all of those families who pay & pay into the GC school district and then have to pay for a real education for thier kids!

Paul, Where are the applications available?

Anonymous said...

good job

Anonymous said...

Good job by who? Do you really think Paul has anything to do with the school district? Well, the little snake actually does!

He's the one to broadcast this little tid bit, sure to be kept a big secret by the BOE, but he's so tickled that FAIRVIEW kids have a crack at college money, he's gone and mucked it up for sure! Every other entitled family is going to seek this schlorship out and rightfully so. How can Manhattenville provide this many scholarships?

This is what he is going to get for being PARTIAL to certain children of Greenburgh. He's gone and let the cat out of the bag which will surly result in a deal between GC and Manhattanville to go bad.

So Paulie? What's it gunna be? Scholarships to Manhattanville for all TOV kids or only for those currently on scholarships for all other town services, who by complete coincidence, happen to be families with kids in Greenburgh Central ONLY!

PS The GC school district has been paying for SAT prep classes for Woodlands seniors. Independent, outside, classes at about $345 per senior. It's well known that there is an effort to suppress this information so that kids who attend other schools can't take advantage of WHAT THEIR TAX MONEY ENTITLES THEM TO!

Yes, good job Paul. Not only will you be buried in this mess, so will the BOE and GC. Slam dunk. Bhub-bye!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Ok . Those living in GC school district but have seniors in private schools: How many of your kids pull a B or better? Raise your hands.

Anonymous said...

Paul gives just enough information to confuse everyone as to what this program involves and who qualifies. Thank you Mr. Supervisor.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. Everyone will be distracted by issues like this that you'll lose focus on the impending financial disaster otherwise known as the Town budget. Rumor has it that the Town wide assessables have declined by over $6 million (1%) since the last tax roll was prepared and by over $4 million in unincorporated (1.4%). Aside from stating the obvious that there continue to be significant tax certs going against the town ( Paul wern't you going to address this in 1993 after you were first elected?), I'll bet that the Assessor can't really explain in detail what's going on. She's over in Rockland County.

hal samis said...

Excuse me for pointing out that the Town Supervisor had nothing to do with this news. Since when does the School District/Board mean Town government? All that Feiner is responsible for is rushing to release the news ahead of the School Board so that HE can appear to be the guiding light. As for the School District, it just so happens that their monthly meeting is tonight and the "news" with an explanation is expected to follow.

Meanwhile Feiner is trying to steal the "show" with an email that he probably texted for the Town's imprint while driving back from RJ Bailey to Town Hall.

And, of course, he's using the kids as foils by having them appear (with their parents) at the Town Board meeting. Even running unopposed, Feiner needs everyone's homage. And again he's using school kids for his profit and he doesn't care that there is supposed to be a "chinese wall" between the Town and its School Districts.

Argue all you will about whether the program (wait for the details) rightfully belongs to all Greenburgh residents; however the right place and party is the School Board.
Got that? And "anonymous", please explain "good job, Paul".

Terry Williams said...

Hal, as a GC7 trustee, I thank you for that cogent and balanced explanation of the situation.

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

What's disgusting about this whole mess is the Town Supervisor's willingness to, once again, put his political ambitions ahead of what's good for kids. If the "deal" has fallen through because of premature disclosure, I hope one or more effected parents will bring suit personally against the Supervisor. Making political hay at the expense of children is obscene. The need of an adult to constantly fulfill his sexual desires at the expense of children is called pedophilia - unfortunately English does not include an equally concise term for a hack politician who needs to continually advance his political ambitions at children's expense.
Even more disturbing is the thought that we, the voters, let him do it.
Fool us once, shame on you -
Fool us twice, shame on us.

P. Leavy said...


I do not see an explanation of the program by Hal.

Why don't you explain it to everyone so that the correct information is available?

Also, I do not see it on tonight's BOE agenda. What I do see on the agenda are resolutions approving rates for after-school faculty- 13 individuals @ $34.00 per hour and 15 @ $20.00 per hour.

Assuming that each after-school instructor works a conservative 5 hours per week, that would add up to roughly $172,000. Conservatively.

So, getting back to our taxes, since I still can not comprehend this, can anyone explain why on earth are paying for an after-school Xposure program, by way of town tax, and paying for district after-school programs, by way of school tax?


P. Leavy said...

"If the "deal" has fallen through because of premature disclosure, I hope one or more effected parents will bring suit personally against the Supervisor."

The deal may fall though not because of premature disclosure, it would be because of nondisclosure to some resulting unfair advantage to a handful of children. Or, simply, it is not legal to offer this type of scholarship to anyone at all.

Regardless, I agree with you regard Paul's exploitation of children. Shameful.

P. Leavy said...


rates for after-school faculty- 13 individuals @ "$43.00" per hour and 15 @ $20.00 per hour.

Terry Williams said...

Dear P. Leavy (it's Patricia, yes), Xposure has nothing to do with GC7, so I can't address that one. The Manhattanville program isn't on the agenda because we already approved it. The event to which Paul referred to in his post was the ribbon-cutting ceremony. I would ask that you speak to Supt. Smalls or R.J. Bailey Principal Marge Clarkson about the details. Per your question about the after-school instructors, those are teachers and instructors that we need to provide some of our students with extra academic help. We've provided it every year that I have been on the board and before that, as far as I know. Per your request about the average number of hours worked, I invite you to present that question at tonight's meeting. If you can't make it, I'll ask Mr. Smalls and get back to you.

Anonymous said...

So these seniors also receive $375.00 for private lessons so they can pass their SAT's.

Hey Paul are our children equal to those in C7??
Do we not pay taxes as their parents do?
Enough is enough.
Free camps- free lunches-Free housing - free bus service-free baqby sitting at both centers

Paul please leave while you are somewhat ahead of the game.
You are the ruination of Greenburgh.

P. Leavy said...


Yes, It's Patricia. Patty if you like.

Since it's already approved, where can I we find the particulars of the deal? Is it posted at the district website? If not, can you please explain it? It would be helpful to clear up any misconceptions here. I have also emailed another BOE member for info but have yet to hear back.

My references to the GC after-school program is to highlight the redundancy and unnecessary expense of the town funded program. Also, as I understand it, bus transportation is only offered to the town funded Xposure program for GC students from GC properties. I have no need for further information.

Thanks you.

Anonymous said...

I am a senior citizen with hopes of returning to college but my problem is I have no money.

I too would like to take advantage of this windfall.

Should I sue you or should I sue the college for discrimination.

The children in my area are also entitled to this program since they are always on the short end of the stick because everything goes to a certain part of towm.

This gives us all a better reason not to vote for you.

Thanks for being so stupid.

Anonymous said...

ow come there is more money for the after school programs in central 7 .

You took money from the taxpayers for Exposure now you need more money for this.

We should have a big tea party on election day right in front of all the polls .
Maybe by doing this we will stop the public from voting for the worse supervisor that this town has had.

How do you sleep at night? Do you stay awake trying to find different ways of robbing the residents?

Terry Williams said...

Patricia, please send me an e-mail to my GC7 address,

Anonymous said...

I have heard that, yes, Woodlands seniors can take an outside SAT prep that is paid for by the school district. Information kept close to the vest.

Paul has nothing to do with this. Paul's connection is treat the children in TOV who attend private schools like the school district does. Information not available. Difficult to find. programs exclusive to...less expensive for.......ease of access to only...

Private school families = invisible, of no concern, source of tax revenues.

Both parties are to blame. The school district for creating it and the town for perpetuating it.

It's straight up discrimination. Cleverly disguised.

cat out of the bag said...

Per Jose Flores, Vice President of Enrollment at Manhattanville College. October 2008

Manhattanville Offers New Scholarship
Posted by
Friday, 24 October 2008
Purchase, NY - Manhattanville College, located in Purchase N.Y., wants to help students and their families during the current economic crisis by creating a new half-tuition scholarship.

High school students who graduate with at least a 3.5 grade point average from any school district that participates in Manhattanville’s Professional Development School (PDS) program may apply for the new scholarship.

PDS schools partner with Manhattanville College to prepare teacher candidates, provide faculty development, improve instructional practices and enhance student learning. The four participating schools districts include Greenburg Central School District No. 7, Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District, White Plains Public Schools, and New Rochelle Public Schools.

“Students from districts that we partner with should have the chance to attend a quality college without stressing over high tuition costs,” said Jose Flores, Vice President of Enrollment at Manhattanville College. “The scholarship aims to alleviate costs and support Manhattanville’s mission of improving educational opportunities.”

In addition to the new scholarship, Manhattanville currently offers teachers at the participating schools professional and educational growth through its Changing Suburbs Institute, which offers workshops, projects, leadership programs and community outreach activities. Affiliated teachers receive a 20 percent discount on all their Manhattanville College courses.

Manhattanville College ( is an independent, co-educational liberal arts institution located 30 minutes from New York City in Purchase, NY. Founded in 1841, Manhattanville College educates ethically and socially responsible leaders for the global community. Its strong undergraduate program, graduate programs in business, Master of Arts in Writing and renowned School of Education serve 1600 undergraduate and 1100 graduate students from 76 countries and 40 states.

hal samis said...

Dear fellow bloggers,

Look, you're back participating on the Supervisor of the Town of Greenburgh's blog.

Just like he once envisioned.

"Another Paul Feiner initiative to MAKE GREENBURGH THE MOST OPEN GOVERNMENT in the United States! Be part of the Dialogue...participate...TELL US WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND...!"

OK, the caps are mine. But the words are Feiner's (see the top of the blog home page). SO WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT a job opening or maybe you would like to submit a movie review or rate an amazing concert that you paid $75 a ticket to hear. Residents/taxpayers are holding their breath for such a dialogue to break out on this blog.

But, from what I read you're not applauding Feiner's latest gaffe. That's why we'll soon be back to facing "all employment ads, all weekend entertainment listings" all the time.

And did I read Xposure? A program whose one year contract expired in July and is still in business at the TDYCC despite the fact that the Town Board doesn't want to bring the contract renewal (or any other controversial expense) up for vote in public ahead of even an uncontested election.

Or perhaps because Mr. Feiner wants to save exhibiting the happy Xposure kids for another night: during the Public Hearings on the Budget when they can be trotted out for the umpteenth time to make the important business of the meeting happen AFTER everyone has gone home to bed.

Ever wonder why those getting awards, performing or providing photo ops are at the beginning of the meeting ("so they can get home") while the reasons for holding the meeting follows the sideshows like the town business was an afterthought.

Perhaps the idea is that the later the meeting, the fewer residents will be around to witness or have given up trying to watch and HEAR what is going on as seen over cable systems that are broadcasting "competitively".

Don't blame Marc Herman for this blog. Apparently the Supervisor can by himself post what he deems important but is challenged by the difficulties of posting the general topic, "the week of" because what it did bring forth was fulfillment of "tell us what's on your mind" from the blog masthead.

And that was something that "the most open government in the United States" (again from the masthead) just cannot tolerate.

Finally to Anonymous, Androgynous and Aspartic...if this too makes you sick to your stomach, take 500mg of alka seltzer or don't read in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there needs to be a "chinese" wall between the school district and the Town. Feiner created that wall. While the Town has no authority with regard to the school districts, it would be nice if the Town Board had a laiason to the school board - communication and cooperation would serve us all well.

I wonder why so many Greenburgh residents send their children to private/religious schools? Why are we funding educational programs through Town taxes; aren't our high school taxes enough? Why isn't the Town challenging more tax certs? These certs are killing all of us, including the school and fire districts who have to budget millions of dollars each year for refunds. Why isn't Feiner pushing a Town-wide reassessment? Wasn't this something he said he would support way back in the day?

Why is Feiner announcing this scholarship program? He takes all the glory but none of the blame! He had absolutely nothing to do with this, nor with most things he boasts about.

What he doesn't boast about:
= appointing a volunteer deputy supervisor to study interdepartmental efficiency @ Town Hall - don't we have paid staff to do this?

= double digit Town tax increases year after year.

= declining tax base

= deteriorating infrastructure (roads, sewers, drainage)

= lawsuit ontop of lawsuit ontop of lawsuit by developers who he has swindled with empty promises and/or strongarmed to make donations to the Town.

= adopating a 2009 operating budget knowing full well that it contained overprojections on sales tax revenue and mortgage tax revenue - he used the fund balance to cover the difference

= fund balance; in two years there won't be one

= putting the brakes on 500,000 study - by the time they complete it, it will be outdated.

= $65,000 drainage study that contained the wrong information - they were warned yet they accepted the study and paid for it.

....but as long as he returns your calls (even if he has no answer other than to give you another phone number to call), sends a kid to shovel your driveway, shakes your hand at the supermarket...

How much longer must we endure him and those who rubber stamp his lame brained ideas?

Anonymous said...

To add to the list provided by Anonymous 1:11 PM, add the $200,000 in "business taxes" that was in the budget that turned out to be in violation of state laws (thanks to Mr. Bernstein for pointing that out as the Town Attorney missed that) and the $750,000 in revenue from the sales of "surplus properties", which (A) under the Town's adopted financial goals and policies are supposed to go into a fund for open space acquisitions (let's see is Paul and group in favor of open space or not?) and (B) won't be realized because the Town Assessor who promoted this, doesn't know her basic accounting and didn't do any research.

What "goodies" are we going to see this year? We can hardly wait. October 30th will be here shortly.

Anonymous said...

You mean October 31st


hal samis said...

Dear 4:29,

But the Town Board has gotten an early start. They've already been out trick or treating for the last four months.

Most residents with real property have already been tricked and those who are "more equal" continue to get the treats.

Anonymous said...

To 3:53 PM

Watch today's work session, where the town is now going to pursue a hotel / motel tax. See comment 3 under the Regeneron topic above.

Murghk said...

Dear Anonymous at 1:11 -
One of the very first things the Supervisor did when he was elected to his very first term was to appoint a "blue ribbon citizens' committee" to report on revaluation, in an effort to stem the flood of certs.
Stan Toll, who was the Ardsley School District's Superintendent chaired the committee. The committee's membership included a wide range of people and produced an extensive report detailing the issues. The concerns about seniors facing potentially huge increases in their assessments was addressed. The business community's concern about being over-taxed and bearing an unfair share of the costs of government were addressed. The need to create and maintain an accurate tax roll was addressed.
Mr Feiner chose to hear Superintendent Toll's report privately in the Supervisor's office - promising that he would then schedule a presentation to the entire Town Board at a public meeting. When Mr Toll completed his presentation, Mr Feiner looked around the room at all those present and announced that the report could not be presented publicly because it would be extremely unpopular as the report concluded that to achieve the stated goals, the first step must be a Town-wide revaluation of all properties. Gerry Iagallo (the then Town Assessor) said that was impossible, he had neither the manpower nor the software systems to undertake the task for at least several more years. Mr Feiner said he wouldn't disagree with his assessor and took the report and placed it in his trash basket.
And ever after it was as if Feiner had never created the "blue ribbon citizens' committee."

more broken promises said...

when mr feiner also ran against tony veteran, he was in favor of term limits. in fact feiner has written letters supporting term limits for judges.

The Yorktown supervisor just came out for term limits noting that 12 years in office is long enough - we are nearing double that with feiner and diana the sphinx juettner.

Anonymous said...

Dear Murghk:

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In 2008, Mr. Feiner appointed another Committee,
Real Property Tax Committee "...(to be initially co-chaired by Mr. Paul L. Sterne, private citizen of the Village of Dobbs Ferry and Ms. Edye McCarthy, Assessor, Town of Greenburgh,) to investigate the current system of real estate taxation on all types of property within the jurisdiction of the Town of Greenburgh and report on its findings to the Supervisor and Town Board…”

Guess what? This Committee issued a report in APRIL 2009. Did you ever see a presentation made to the Town Board at one of their "business" meetings, instead of an Xposure dog and pony show? Did the Supervisor post a copy on the Town's web site? Of course not. What did they conclude? Among other recommendations, the Town should reassess all properties every 5 years. FOIL for it. You should be able to get an electronic version in minutes, assuming that the Town Clerk doesn't give you the run around. If you are not successful, let me know how to reach you.

Anonymous said...

The tax commission saga explains why Feiner puts Alan Hochberg and Milt Hoffman on his commissions now. There will be no surprises or embarassing truths revealed. Remember the famous " Cable Commission".