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Philanthropy News Digest has good job openings
The following jobs and more have been posted to Philanthropy News Digest:

The following job openings have been posted to Philanthropy News Digest:

Site Director
Educational Alliance, Inc.
New York, New York

Account Manager for Recruitment and Placement
New York, New York


Spooktown is a disaster waiting to happen said...

Paul please respond to this issue and do not ignore as you often do. I posted this under feiner needs to update emails/ blogsite back on October 11th but as ususual no response from you as you continue to play the role of employment agency and not town Supervisor but I'll try a second time.
Spooktown on Cenral Avenue is an accident waiting to happen. Over the weekend with about 3 weeks before October 31 the parking lot was packed.This store must pay for an off duty police officer to direct traffic before a serious accident happens maybe even a death. People are and will be making left turns in and out of the parking lot and this spells disaster. This situation wemt on last year with traffic being backed up and nothing was done about it.When Franks was open on Dobbs Ferry Road they used to pay someone to direct traffic during the busy holiday season so why not Spooktown.

Also another thing about Spooktown Please make sure they remove the disgusting orange paint after Oct. 31 unlike last year when we had to suffer with that quality of life eyesore for at least six months or so after Oct 31.The first year they removed it a few weeks after Oct 31 . Paul again please do not ignore this as you often do.OH ANY UPDATE ON SHOPRITE IN MIDWAY?

Budget is a disaster waiting to happen said...

Forget about Spooktown. The 2010 budget is the disaster about to happen. Ratables are down big time, revenues are and will be down in 2010, and benefit costs will have a substantial increase.

Unincorporated Greenburgh's tax rate has risen approximately 150% since Feiner took office compared to the increase in the cost of living of about 60% for the same period. Let's hope he spends these last few remaining days before the budget is released focusing on the really important stuff and not job postings or orange colored buildings, unless of course you don't mind ever higher taxes.

Anonymous said...

Has the ECC expressed their views on the recently approved Greenville fire contract?
The firefighters in Edgemont are receiving a whopping salary increase of nearly 4 and a half percent.

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, today a relative was in from out of town and commented about this orange eyesore! It is great to have the space occupied, but it is, frankly, UGLY. And, as 3:21 stated, the traffic is only going to get worse until Halloween. Hopefully no one gets hurt. Paul, you have the opportunity to take stand on this one, and do the right thing before something tragic occurs. (And what is the deal on Shop Rite???)

Anonymous said...

The Greenville Fire District last week announced a tax hike for next year of about 1.6%. That's not a typo. Apparently the folks running the Greenville fire district know a thing or two about financial management. The folks running the Town of Greenburgh do not.

Anonymous said...

4% raises with only a 1.6% tax increase shows that they are managing their money properly or they have been overtaxing in the past!

Anonymous said...

Greenville's fire taxes have increased less than 4 percent a year for each of the past four years. They're much less than either Fairview or Hartsdale, which is why the idea of consolidating Greenville with Fairview and Hartsdale is so unthinkable in Edgemont. It would mean a 21% tax hike to subsidize those two other fire districts.

Anonymous said...

salary increases of more than 4 percent for anyone when many Edgemont residents are out of work is an outrage.

Anonymous said...

Edgemont residents are relieved that its elected fire commissioners have managed to keep fire tax hikes to a minimum of 1.6%. What is intolerable is the Town's efforts to draw attention away from their own problems, especially now, on the eve of Feiner's own "October surprise" of a tax hike for 2010.

Feiner's hiked taxes in unincorporated Greenburgh by more than 31% in the past two years alone. In the meantime, he's cut police, sanitation, leaf pickup and snow removal services, which is all that Edgemont residents really require from the Town.

At the same time, Edgemont residents have seen Feiner fail to cut spending where it should be cut. And this year won't be any different. The Town will be funding hundreds of thousands of dollars in free grants to the Fairview Fire District, an after school program paid for by all of unincorporated that serves only one school district complete with bus service, two town recreation departments each with its own set of highly paid commissioners, and a $65,000 a year arts advisor. These examples of wasteful management in a time of fiscal austerity should anger not just Edgemont residents who may be out of work, but all taxpayers in unincorporated Greenburgh, no matter what their personal financial circumstances might be.

hal samis said...

Dear would-be aesthete,

What is the big deal about the paint job at Spooktown?

They certainly seemed to have scared you and your "family".

Anyone in your family equally offended by a building with a blue roof located across the street?

And a street that is a State Road?
Why not register your complaints with the NYS DOT. I'm sure they'll share your concerns.

In the meanwhile, during Fall I suggest that you leave to a clime where the leaves don't change to orange, red and brown or join a decency league to see that pumpkins purchased for Halloween display are painted white since ypou get so upset you're seeing "orange".

If this offends you, I'm sorry but there are so many more important things going on in Greenburgh that concern all residents and what bothers you most is a building appropriately painted orange for a few months of the year on, as you point out, a busy commercial road and there aren't even any abutting residential structures confronted by an orange facade.

Apparently the traffic is caused by many customers who are willing to shop at a store that is painted orange out front.

I hope your concern was also voiced to the US government in the 70's when you were no doubt protesting against Agent Orange.

And what about green for Saint Patrick's day -- is that ok? Any objections to acid green firetrucks. Love to read your comments on whether red, white and blue are colors that go well together.

But since you seem to be so chatty with "Paul", maybe he will forward your complaint to those that would likely be the "taste" police for Greenburgh, the Arts Council (Sarah Bracey White) or the Town Clerk (Judith Beville). Maybe you can get them to sponsor a Resolution banning Orange as a permitted exterior color.

Dealing with minutia is what the Town government does best.

Gee there's a little matter like the forthcoming Town budget which will be added on to a two year 31% tax increase.

But how about bringing your concern directly out in the open at tonight's "Outreach" meeting being performed at the Highview School at 7:00. Maybe you can find some sympathetic Hartsdale residents who will support you? Hey, bring that relative from out of town along. By 7:00, it will be dark so if you have to pass by Spooktown don't be scared but look out for merging vehicles.

Hartsdale Home Owner said...

yes, Spookytown's orange paint is detracting terribly from the senstively designed aesthetic of the central avenue. i have my smelling salts ready each time i drive by. BTW, happy new NY State .0034 mobility tax everybody (due 11/2 for estimated filers)!

Anonymous said...

Astorino just had a great budget saving idea that he says was implemented in Mt. Pleasant and we would implement in the county: all non-union town employees must fund their own healthcare. How about it Paul?

hal samis said...

Dear 12:43,

That why it is pleasant in Mt. Pleasant but $green in Greenburgh.

You might just as well be asking why part-time Town Board members with health care benefits provided from their full-time jobs accept $2000 for not taking the Town's health care.

1) an earlier Town Council voted themselves this perk ($2000)
2) an earlier Town Council voted this perk (paid health care) for part-timers (themselves)
3) Detective Double Dip gets lifetime healthcare from the Town AND accepts the $2000 (Esquire Magazine runs an annual "why is this man laughing" feature, Samis runs a monthly "why is this man smiling")
4) #1 and #2 could be rejected by a Town Council really concerned about rising taxes and unemployment
5) perhaps #'s 1,2,3,4 could result in their own unemployment in the 2011 election year.

hal samis said...

Dear 11:45,

"Wherever you go, whatever you do, were're gonna go through it together..." Department.

Loved you on the Blythedale blog and love you even more on philanthropy...

So blithe spirit, let's go to the tape:

Anonymous said...
How can Edgemont justify giving firemen more than a 4% salary increase when many people in the community are struggling and out of work?

10/14/2009 11:48 PM

hal samis said...
To 11:48 (anonymous, of course),

I would think that Edgemont can justify it because it is their money and their vote cast to do so.

And because of their foolish behavior, when it comes down to what this raise means to the check they write which includes the raise, their Fire District taxes only increased 1.6%. Doing something wrong apparently has its benefits.

Not at all unlike the popular quote regarding General Ulysses Grant's drinking "problem" at the time of the Civil War. Was it Lincoln who said something like "Find out what brand he drinks and send a case of it to all my other generals".

How is your pet Fire District doing by comparison?

I'm equally curious as to your response to the question: Who's buried in Grant's tomb?

10/15/2009 10:33 AM