Wednesday, October 07, 2009

fantastic job openings in the non profit sector

You may register for job agents or searches on and for good not-for-profit opportunities.


hal samis said...

Dear Mr. Feiner,

Have you registered?
How do you know that there are "fantastic" job openings?

What's next?

Send us a dollar and we'll send you your lucky number.

Collect snowflakes in your spare time. We pay premiums for unusual designs.

Amazing new chemical to manufacture rust. Just add water.

How come you didn't tell residents last spring about the fantastic job opportunities that were available on the Town Board?

Why is the sky blue?

Anonymous said...

get real hal. You don't have to find fault with everything. Pick your battles.

hal samis said...

You don't have to read the newspaper everyday either.

All I'm doing is pointing out a consistent pattern (business as usual) of erratic and uniformed behavior.

You don't have to view everything as a battle, more like a daily column responding to new stimuli.

And it's not as though I'm asking my legion of followers to break out their battle gear and go marching off to war.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal

There ARE good things that people can attain from these job postings. Some people are ACTUALLY WITHOUT JOBS! Do U have AN consideration for THEIR issues. They Need ALL the help they can get. This IS one of them.


hal samis said...

If "Supervisor" Feiner wants to be of assistance, he is certainly welcome, if not encouraged, to do so. All I request is that if he is going to call this blog that of the Supervisor of the Town of Greenburgh, NY, that he do some due diligence before posting anything he happens upon. Those unemployed who have access to a computer (if not, then they don't read this blog) can find out what sites provide most of these job listings. In fact, were the Supervisor really concerned, he would teach "readers" where to look rather than have to wait for him to post them. If the Supervisor does spend some time on Town Business, then by the time he reads about the jobs and then posts them, the job could be already filled. Thus, "teaching people how to fish is more desirable than bringing them fish".
This idea/parable is not a new one to most people; however, the example of "fish" has by itself an alternate and more incisive meaning.

And directing people to respond to employment agencies help wanted ads is not the personal touch that you would have readers believe is the aftermath of any great effort on Feiner's part.

Finally, in hard times, that is when people, especially those unemployed, are most susceptible to the entreaties of those that prey upon them. People who might otherwise be cautious have no reluctance about divulging personal information to those who promise employment opportunities.
Identity theft is not just the consquence of a thief finding your credit card receipt in the garbage etc.

So, if Mr. Feiner doesn't choose to undertake due diligence, the least he can do is not use a blog that is associated with the Town of Greenburgh and utilize links to the Town website.

It's as simple as that.