Thursday, October 08, 2009


We have a job posting open right now at Silver Lining that I am looking to fill ASAP and I would really like to find that person in NYC. It is for one of our senior roles- the Managing Director of our Creative division. I am looking for someone entrepreneurial, a go getter, very savvy when it comes to online marketing and guerrilla tactics, with a strong understanding of branding. Ideally someone with great ability to create processes, build and manage a team and project manage well. Definitely someone with big vision and the ability to turn vision into reality. The details are attached and I am looking to fill the spot sooner rather than later. We are looking for someone who would be motivated by a pretty decent base salary + profit split in the Creative division and a smaller portion of profits in Silver Lining (Canada and US).
I am in NYC Oct 22/23 and Oct 30-Nov 2 and would love to interview then so if you have any ideas for this role please send my way! Feel free to forward this around to others.
Thanks all- talk soon :)

Carissa Reiniger
Silver Lining Ltd. | Founder & President
Cell: CDN 416 809 0618 | US 702 994 7356

Twitter: @CarissaReiniger | @SilverLiningLtd


hal samis said...

WATCH OUT for this one.

Note the Ontario and Nevada phone exchanges.

And don't expect to be working at THEIR office in New York City even though they would really like to find that person.

And you'll be so valuable that not only will they pay you but they'll give you a piece of what you bring in and what the division brings in and what the parent company brings in.

And you were worrying about how Bernie Madoff is going to find work.

Mr. Ponzi is alive and well and "feel free to forward this around to others".

Don't send money or your social security number.

And, Mr. Feiner, why don't you take this job and give us all a break.

Anonymous said...

If you MUST list all of these job opportunities, can't we simply have one category entitled JOB OPENINGS and not take up so much space on the blog? I, for one, find it infuriating to see these listings each and every day, when there are pressing issues actually pertaining to the Town of Greenburgh that deserve more of our attention and/or discussion. Thank you.

For sale Greenburgh Blog said...

Can I put items for sale, tag sale or garage sale postings on this blog ??

hal samis said...

Dear 5:54,
Are you talking about this blog?

"Another Paul Feiner initiative to make Greenburgh the most open government in the United States! Be part of the Dialogue...participate...tell us what's on your mind...!"

Anonymous said...

I have potential beachfront property near a major metropolitan center I'd like to sell

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal, Hal

so you are an expert on this company also? Why am I not surprised...

hal samis said...

Dear AAA,

Thanks to search engines on the internet, even you could become an expert. Who knows? Maybe even the Supervisor might attempt a few minutes of research before using the blog of the Supervisor of the Town of Greenburgh, New York as an opportunity to tout companies.

Should your personal self make such an effort, you might even want to enter the contest for a "free" trip to the Caribbean.

The truth be known, aren't all of us wondering how come he hasn't posted yet the plight of the Nigerian resident who just needs some money for a few weeks...

Even the Shadow knows when enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Hal, Hal Hal,

Sometimes you can be funny.....