Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Regeneron dedicated their new 120 million state of the art complex today. This company, which is located in Greenburgh (Landmark at Eastview) is one of the largest, state of the art corporate facilities to be built in Westchester County in recent years. It solidifies the fact that Greenburgh is one of the leading bio med life science locations in New York State. Recently, OSI (another bio tech company) announced plans to make their headquarters in the Ardsley section of Greenburgh.

Regeneron, a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes medicines for the treatment of serious medical conditions including cancer, gout, and retinal and other diseases, will use the new facilities for its research and development laboratories, clinical development staff, corporate headquarters and administrative offices. With the two new buildings, Regeneron now occupies approximately 390,000 square feet in four buildings on the 116 acre Landmark campus. Regeneron, which had just four employees when it opened its research laboratories at The Landmark at Eastview in 1989, now has over 1,000 employees. Regeneron’s full-scale manufacturing facility is in Rensselaer, New York. Regeneron has a long history of successful scientific advancements in discovering drug candidates for treatment of serious conditions.
The completion of this new facility is the culmination of a successful economic development effort involving the Empire State Development Corporation, the Westchester County Industrial Development Agency and the Town of Greenburgh. Regeneron and BioMed broke ground on the two new build-to-suit buildings, comprising approximately 230,000 square feet, in April 2007. William The new facilities offer environmentally friendly design features, including a white roof to reflect heat, a high efficiency HVAC system, building layouts for laboratories and offices to maximize day lighting, a courtyard located between buildings that maximizes permeable surfaces to reduce water runoff, and extensive use of sustainable materials such as bamboo flooring and low volatility organic compounds. In addition, as part of The Landmark at Eastview campus, employees are provided complimentary shuttle service to the North White Plains and Tarrytown Metro North Stations and convenient access to other public transportation. The Landmark at Eastview is one of the largest privately-owned, multi-tenant science parks in New York State. The 116-acre campus consists of eight main buildings and over 1.1 million rentable square feet of research and development facilities and high-tech office space. Construction of a third lab-ready building was initiated and completed concurrently with the core and shell construction for Regeneron’s two new buildings.
In my remarks at the dedication ceremony I mentioned that Regeneron is not only good for economic development, jobs and Greenburgh. The company is good for the world. This company has given hope to families who have been distressed with medical conditions of their loved ones. And, they have give a new lease on life to those who are living normal lives, after being diagnosed with cancer, eye disease, inflammatory diseases and pain.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor


Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

A $120 million, state-of-the-art facility!
How much does Regeneron pay in property taxes to the Town, School and Fire Districts in which this facility exists?
Even using a truly pathetic equalization rate of 2%, the assessed value should be $2.4 million and applying the published (by the Town no less) tax rate of $157.0079 per thousand of assessed value, the Town should be receiving $376,818.96 -
Instead, thanks to the Supervisor and his merry band, the Town will receive NO tax revenue from this property during the current year.
Misfeasance? Malfeasance? Or just plain old financial ignorance?
Any choice you make, your elected officials aren't doing their jobs.

hal samis said...

To polyanna Paul,

Please limit your comments to facts which your role and background as Town Supervisor, at best, entitle you to make.

Despite our differences over these matters, surely you will acknowledge that your background does not qualify you to speak as either a biologist or a stock analyst. Thus your comments touting this NASDAQ listed stock are entirely out of place on the Town's email list or on the Supervisor of the Town of Greenburgh's blog.

"This company is good for the world" as well as "given hope" and a "new lease on life".

Hopefully this is really the case but it not for the Town Supervisor to serve up this kind of statement, even with freedom of speech being taken into account.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the fact that this property and tenant will not be paying any real estate taxes. At today's work session, the Commissioner of Planning and the Assessor presented a "new" revenue stream for the town. A hotel / motel room tax. They recognize that a town is not authorized to levy such tax under current state law. What was most interesting is that the proposal would be "town wide" but a considerable number of the facilities are located in the Villages. I assume at this point that the Supervisor would like to "steal" this revenue into the town budget and take business out of the Villages.

Tax and spend, because if you watched the work session one sees that the Town board is no where close to the expense reductions that are required to get the tax hike down to what i guess the Supervisor deems is reasonable, i.e. 7.5% during a period when the cost of living is negative and for the first time in many years if not ever, there will be no cost of living increase in social security benefits. Good luck senior citizens, a signifiacnt reduction in your STAR benefits, higher school taxes and higher town taxes. What a great combination.

This group is committed to tax everybody to leave or avoid this town instead of making the cuts that are long overdue.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder to keep your eyes on the budget line folks! Follow the bouncing budgets!

Approved budget 2009 widgets- 10K
Actual budget 2009 widgets- 8K
Approved budget 2010 widgets-9K

Paul: "LOOKIE! I have CUT this budget!"

Next page: New line
2010 Approved budget Super widgets-

Anonymous said...

Well folks the trailer is back on Sprain valley rd.

Watch out for the children going to school.
Parents be extra careful going arround this eyesore.
Why does he come back when our children have to go to school.

Drive carefully /The town dose not care about this situation. This is not a roadway to have an obstacle like this since it is used as a main road to the highway .

Anonymous said...

I thought that commercial vehicles are not allowed to park overnite on any roadway or driveway in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Residents on SVR should go for a reduction on their taxes.

Anonymous said...

Paul did not write this it came from prnewswire.com our supervisor just copies text.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps our all knowing Police Chief could investigate this continual dangerous problem if he is not busy conducting inaccurate unprofessional financial analyses of other agencies at the behest of the supervisor

Anonymous said...

The chief together with his staff don't give a dam about this dangerous situation.

How many other commercial vehicles are parked in this residential area?

Are these guys and gals all blind.
There are no medals given out for this type of work so let it be.

Anonymous said...

This situation on SVR will be ignored once again.
The residents paid mucho bucks for their homes to have this eyesore on the roadway.

How could anyone do this over and over again without thinking of their neighbors.

This is a disgracful situation.
The trailer owner should rent space somewhere else instead of parking on the roadway overnight and for days.

hal samis said...

Can anyone tell me who is the owner of the commercial vehicle?

I'd be happy to check it against the list of campaign contributors.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Hal I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Regeneron coming to Greenburgh is BIG. It is also IMPORTANT.

Shocked said...

Please elaborate on their tax situation. How is it possble that Greenburgh will recieve no tax monies from this 120 Million property this year?
Perhaps Regeneron is paying the Valhalla School district and Fairview directly.

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

Because the deal was made AFTER the tax rolls were closed for the upcoming taxable year, the property will continue to be taxed at the old rate (as vacant space) until the assessor gets around to revaluing the property and entering it on the tax roll for the taxing cycle beginning with school property taxes due in September 2010.
This assumes, of course, that there isn't an unreported agreement to reduce the assessment or to permit Regeneron to make a payment in lieu of taxes. If there is a PILOT agreement the Town, Fire and School Districts may never benefit fully from the existence of this state-of-the-art $120 million addition to Greenburgh's real estate.

hal samis said...

How about the address where the commercial vehicle is parked?

Anonymous said...

How could it be possible that this company pays no taxes as an incentive ------but the other businesses within Greenburgh pay through the nose.

What sort of a deal has been made under the table to receive this benefit.

What will happen if all of us would stop paying taxes ??
We should receive the same benefits as this company.

SVR Homeowner said...

The trailer on Sprain Valley Rd is now in the driveway. Address is 20 SVR. How long will it stay there?
The Police Chief has scheduled a news conference at 11:00 AM for the announcement.

hal samis said...

I'll check this against the addresses of campaign contributors.

As for the Police Chief, I'm sure there will also be a press conference to bring the public up to date on the July home invasion that brought out Greenburgh Police, Hastings Police, State Police and a NYC helicopter in response to a call from a family member. One of three "perps" was apprehended at the scene due to the overwhelming response and as of yesterday, even with a suspect in custody the others remain at large.

"Good work" said Captain DeCarlo as reported in The Scarsdale Inquirer.

Cynics, like myself, think "nice work if you can get it..." but try telling that to Humpty Dumpty.

Allstate step aside. You're in good hands if the hands are daddy's and daddy is the PBA.

Anonymous said...

I used to work at Regeneron. They were a stingy employer in terms of benefits and pay. They didn't always adhere to the rules when it came to how their investigators treated the animals that were used for experiments. When there was a massive lay off in 1994 (of which I was a part), Len Schleiffer said that the company would rehire all of us as soon as they could. Guess what: they didn't. I applied for one or two jobs that I was qualified for and heard nothing. I don't see how a company that has not made any money can be a major contributor to Greenburgh or to the town of Mt. Pleasant. (The property straddles both towns.)However, I'm sure that Paul Feiner can explain it all to us.

One other thing: I saw Valerie of TDYCC fame, who loves Gay Silverman, littering the parking lot at TDYCC. I always admire an employee who dirties her workplace.

Anonymous said...

It is not a problem.
The Supervisor will send over an employee from our other Parks Dept to clean up the litter. And you thought there was no productivity in Grbgh.

hal samis said...

Dear SVR Homeowner,

Checked as far back as 2006. Mr. Feiner has received no contributions from 20 Sprain Valley Road.

ed krauss said...

If Mr. Feiner copied a press release regarding Regeneron verbatim, didn't vet the accuracy of fact or fiction and reprinted it on this blog, why would anyone be incredulous. "Facts" are not in his vocabulary, neither are"lawful," "accurate," and "honest."

To the blogger who wrote Regeneron in Greenburgh is BIG and IMPORTANT, why so if they don't pay taxes? We have enough FREE-LOADERS occupying 177 Hillside Ave. and they're clearly not BIG nor IMPORTANT to Greenburgh. Quite the opposite, they are and have been liabilities.

As far as reassessing the Regeneron property, since our assessor is so busy being on the road a goodly % of the work week, that task may take years to reach fruition.

Don't you just love, $120 million properties firing off press releases, polititions "spreading" the hype, assessors too busy to determine a tax rate, citizens not knowing
their "ace" from a hole in the wall describing their moving into our town using superltives, all the while you're busting your hump-maybe working two jobs, to pay your unG-dly town taxes. Maybe it's comparable to the star athlete or entertainer NEVER having to put his/her hand into their pockets at restaurants, while the rest of the hoi polloi pay 5-Star restaurant prices for 2½-Star food in restaurants that are frequented by the "rich and famous."

Remember: returning Feiner to office will get BIG and IMPORTANT companies (who may or may not pay taxes) to relocate to Greenburgh. Sort of like a Pyrrhic victory, wouldn't you say?

ed krauss said...

P.S.whoever "DISGRUNTLED GREENBURGHER is he/she seems to always have something cogent and well written to say.We need more of him/her and less of "Greenburgh's a great place to live" ( with no backup to prove it) or the Town Board is doing a godd/great job (with no attribution from Feiner, Sheehan or one of their sychophants.

Kudos, D. G.

Anonymous said...

Mr Feiner -
You have been caught breaking yet another pledge.
As part of your membership in PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) you swore to oppose all research done on animals.
Yet here you are, proudly announcing the opening of a research facility for animal testing.
Have you no shame at all? Do you take your promises so lightly?
You banned circuses that included animal acts, but you have invited the enemy into Greenburgh because it was politically expedient. When did you begin to put politics above principle? I will be taking this up with the PETA Board at our next meeting - and I will be asking them to cancel your membership and their endorsement of your candidacy.

Anonymous said...

Of course he has no shame. You're just catching up to what many in the Town have seen and known for years. Better late than never, but better never late.

Anonymous said...

8:05: if you really are on the PETA board, you would have used his name.