Thursday, October 29, 2009


Just spoke to the Central 7 School Board. Asked the board for permission to hold a special Town Board meeting at Highview School. A playground near the school needs to be replaced and I want to provide the children with input re: playground choices. The town will be funding this playground with non taxpayer dollars (escrow funds). Good news: the School Board approved the request. Government will be relevant to kids!
The School Board requested that I reach out to other area schools (such as Sacred Heart) and invite their students to also participate in the processes that will lead to the building of a new playground.


Another Paul Moment said...

Better choice use the money to keep taxes down. There will be no kids around at the rate taxes are going up. Think before you act.

Anonymous said...

The town cannot use developer escrow funds to keep the taxes down. These funds can only be used for recreation enhancements. The funds come from developments.

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

Well, the funds used to come from developers.
Tell us, Mr Supervisor, exactly how much money has been collected from developers and what the balance is in the fund.
Now, given the extremely slow growth in Greenburgh and the likelihood these funds won't be replenished soon, ask whether this is a wise choice.

Anonymous said...

you critisized the raise for the Greenville fire dept but yet you have the gall to put into action the refurbishing of a playground .
Why is it that you can think about a playgroud and not the safety of the public.
How many playgrounds do we need in Greenburgh;how many parks do we need .
Tell me how many are used throughout the years.
Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again ----Please vote for us and you will get your playground.

This government has stooped so low that we are ashamed to say that we live in Greenburgh.

DUCHESS said...

It's Friday! Where is the 2009 Budget as promised, or are we too busy posting feel good blogs on my time (as well as the rest of the Greenburgh Tax Payers), instead of doing the business at hand that you were elected to do?

Anonymous said...

Why is the supervisor constantly bailing out Greenburgh Central? Did developers all over town pay into this? How much is being given to them?

Anonymous said...

Did you cut police overtime? I nearly got killed driving past SpookyTown on Central Avenue last night. There were cars parked illegally on both sides of Central Avenue. There were cars parked in parking lots of other businesses. People were having a hard time pulling out of these driveways as the the sight was obstructed due to the cars parked on the avenue and guess what, no police officer in sight! If you're going to allow these temporary uses you need to make sure they provide funds for traffic enforcement. There were a couple of really close misses just in the short time I tried to travel south beyond the store. I can't imagine what it will be like tonight.

Anonymous said...

All of the police officers are busy training to be firefighters on the rescue team

hal samis said...


On this occasion I do agree that the Police were severely remiss in not taking action. What happened to those famous sector patrols? Let's see if they want to pretend that they didn't know? It was an impossible situation which I assume was either due to panicked shoppers or that these shoppers were responding to a sale as Halloween is tomorrow and this was the last chance to unload excess inventory.

What the Police should have done is to wave the parkers and would-be parkers on their merry way as any retail building has a Certificate of Occupancy for a stated number of parking spaces. Clearly the onsite parking was oversubscribed and the street and the parking areas of the neighbors was appropriated, probably without their consent.

But like 2:34 invokes, the Police were "too busy".

Or, as it is budget time, they just didn't have enough officers on the payroll...

Feiner needs to update emails/blogsite said...

To Anon 1:51PM Could not agree with you more. I hold Mr. Supervisor AKA part time employment agent directly responsible for any accident that happens by Spookytown during the Halloween weekend. Mr. Part time supervisor was warned of this situation by me about three weeks ago but as usual he never responds to anything on his blogsite.

A number of us have also been asking about shoprite in midway and Mr Playground AKA supervisor LOL never responded to that either. PAUL YOU AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACCIDENT THAT HAPPENS OUTSIDE OF SPOOKYTOWN DURING THIS WEEKEND.

Anonymous said...

Why are ther signs on certain streets stating that there is no parking during certain months and time.

Do we not pay the same taxes?
Do we all have the same snow removal done by the DPW?

Years ago when cars were parked overnite anywhere on the road the car received a summons.
The problem was called into police headquarters and citations were issued.
Whereas the DPW driver dosen't care that the street is not clean for safe driving cause he picks up overtime if the situation is reported.
Put these signs up again all over the town not just where one feels like.

sad turn of events said...

edgemont is seeking to incorporate and get away from feinerism and his phony budgets.

problem is edgemont is back to square one as its 2005 study is either out of date or flawed in terms of taxes according to various posts on the lohud site,

disappointing that edgemont has to subsidize a dysfunctional town.

maybe one day we will all be liberated.

Anonymous said...

Only one person from Edgemont expressed any opposition to Edgemont's incorporation in the Journal News story and on the lohud website. And that fellow is also well known to Edgemont residents as someone who has publicly opposed every single school budget that's been proposed for at least the past 20 years. Nonetheless, all he said was that he wants to see the new numbers, which is a fair and reasonable thing to ask.

Anonymous said...

You must be a developer who wants Edgemont to be a village so we can build affordable housing and be part of the county-fed settlement.

Anonymous said...

Waves to Paul at 11:45. Is that how you're gonna scare Edgemont residents about incorporation? Got news for ya Paul. We'd be a whole lot better off having an Edgemont village government making our zoning and planning decisions for us than leaving it up to you and your untruthworthy cronies on the town board.

Anonymous said...

Being part of unincorporated Greenbugh really helped Fulton Park in the affordable housing saga.

Anonymous said...

Open Government?
Not any more!
Town Board meetings with the potential for embarrassing the Town's elected officials are now held in places where they can't be broadcast.
Minutes of Town meetings must be FOILed.
The Clerk, following the Supervisor's lead, ignores the law when she doesn't believe in it - how else to explain unresponded to FOI requests?
A budget filled with make believe numbers too blatant not to attract attention. A Madoff-like Ponzi scheme counting revenues from land sales more than once.
Too bad the SEC doesn't get a chance to look at the Town's financials when it issues bonds. If it did, Feiner and friends would soon cease to be a problem.

Anonymous said...

The School Board is much more politically astute than master politician Paul, as the School Board recognizes that more kids from the adjacent Manor Woods and College Corners neighborhoods attend Sacred Heart than Highview.

Write in Campaign said...

When you go into the voting booth the area for write ins is at the top of the panel. Just slide the window open and write in your choice. The windows have numbers that correspond to the position you are voting for. The Supervisor is 10 and the Town Council is 11 and 12.

Lets send a message!!!!!!