Tuesday, October 13, 2009

job openings at blyethdale

Blythedale has jobs

Occupational Therapist
Full time position to work with inpatients, out patients and in our school based therapy program. Must possess current NYS OT license. Experience preferred. New graduates considered.
For more information contact: Julie Knitter, Ext. 503 , juliek@blythedale.org

Physical Therapist
Full time position to work with inpatients, out patients and in our school based therapy program. Must possess current NYS PT license.
For more information contact: Barbara Milch, Ext. 516 , barbaram@blythedale.org

Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Responsible for overseeing the administrative, clinical, and teaching and research functions of the Physiatry Department. Reports to the Chief Medical Officer, the Chief of Physiatry will build and strengthen clinical programs, enhance collaborative relationships with referring hospitals and foster clinical outcome studies. Our Pediatric PM&R department works in a true interdisciplinary manner with other subspecialty services including Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychology and Orthopedics within the outpatient and inpatient settings. Physiatrists participate in inpatient, day hospital and outpatient clinics, including spina bifida, equipment, brace and rehabilitation medicine. Blythedale participates in graduate medical education programs, including affiliated residencies in rehabilitation medicine and fellowship in pediatric physiatry. Board certification in PM&R; board certification/eligibility in Pediatric Physiatry desired. Experience in pediatric inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. Strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills required. Academic appointment at nearby academic medical center possible and encouraged.
For more information contact: Joelle Mast, PhD. MD. Ext. 440 , joellem@blythedale.org

Early Intervention Special Education Teacher
Full time position. NYSED provisional/ permanent certification in Special Education or Initial/Professional Certification as a Teacher of Students with Disabilities (Birth-2) required.
For more information contact: Denise Ballou, Ext 475 , deniseb@blythedale.org

Purchasing Director
Full time position. Report to the CFO and will supervise the hospital's materials management staff, and oversee all processes related to the managment of supplies and equipment. Oversee the successful IT implementaton of the Meditech material's management system and procurement activities related to major capital purchases. BA/BS and 5 yrs procurement processes experience in healthcare using Meditech, Lawson or similar.
For more information contact: Send resume to Human Resources 95 Bradhurst Avenue, Valhalla, NY 10595 or fax 914-592-2519 No phone calls please. ,

Staff RN's
Position available. Please inquire about shifts. NYS license and BLS required.
For more information contact: Linda Hurwitz , lindah@blythedale.org

Switchboard Operator
Experienced operator to work on Sunday mornings from 7am to 3pm. An occasional shift on the week end or on a holiday may be offered if you are available.
For more information contact: Suriya Bassknight ext. 479 , suriyab @blythedale.org

BCH JOBINFO LINE 914-592-7555 EXT. 610
BCH Fax 914-592-2519 Equal Opportunity Employer


Anonymous said...

This is just another item so that those topics that are generating a real exchange will be moved off the top "page" and fall into the abyss. How about a topic on the Town Budget/ Town Finances and keep it "current"? Afraid of the discourse Mr. Supervisor?

An Observer of Greenburgh said...

I'd hardly ever say that the Supervisor is one to shy away from discourse.

He uses the blog to post jobs as a means of disseminating information. He does also post on town issues as well.

I will submit however that it would be better for everyone if there were a separate website for job postings.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Mr. Supervisor??

spano vs. feiner vs. wall said...

the tiles are down on the presser park wall

now finish the job and take this farce down

andy spano built a world class 9/11 memorial'

feiner built and eyesore

Anonymous said...

Become a firefighter in Edgemont. Got a salary increase of more than 4%.

Anonymous said...

Fire taxes in Edgemont next year up only 1.6%. Fire taxes in Edgemont are much less than those in Fairview and Hartsdale.

Anonymous said...

How can Edgemont justify giving firemen more than a 4% salary increase when many people in the community are struggling and out of work?

hal samis said...

To 11:48 (anonymous, of course),

I would think that Edgemont can justify it because it is their money and their vote cast to do so.

And because of their foolish behavior, when it comes down to what this raise means to the check they write which includes the raise, their Fire District taxes only increased 1.6%. Doing something wrong apparently has its benefits.

Not at all unlike the popular quote regarding General Ulysses Grant's drinking "problem" at the time of the Civil War. Was it Lincoln who said something like "Find out what brand he drinks and send a case of it to all my other generals".

How is your pet Fire District doing by comparison?

I'm equally curious as to your response to the question: Who's buried in Grant's tomb?