Friday, October 09, 2009


This year I started a job group –helping unemployed neighbors find work. I have been receiving some good news lately from residents who actually found work—thanks to the job postings. If you are out of work and want to be personally notified of job opportunities, please e mail me at I also have set up a site on (Greenburgh jobs group). Members can post job openings on the site, without contacting me first.
The reason why the jobs group has been helpful to some residents is because people who are employed are sharing information about job opportunities as soon as they learn of them---neighbors are helping neighbors. If you know of any job openings where you work, please share the info.
Your help is appreciated.
Town of Greenburgh
Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board (Revised 10/05)
Tuesday – October 13, 2009 – 9:00AM
(As of September 15, 2009 – Work Sessions will begin at 9:00AM
Except where schedule changes are made by the Board)

(Please note that, although the Work Session Agenda is shared with the public prior to each Work Session, the Agenda may be revised at any point up to the start of the meeting as well as during the meeting, if necessary.)
(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 35 and are streamed live. Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours,
depending upon the length of the two meetings.)

09:00AM Agenda Review
09:15AM Budget Meeting – Department of Public Works
10:30AM Budget Meeting – Town Attorney
11:00AM Budget Meeting – Town Assessor
11:30AM Executive Session – Personnel and Boards/Commissions – Interview Candidate: Police Community Advisory Committee
12:00noon Adjourn Meeting
Supervisor Paul Feiner will be meeting with all employees at Town Hall, the highway/sanitation/repair shop/police department/water department, Theodore Young Community Center, Parks department and Library prior to the submission of the 2010 budget to obtain feedback re: ways to cut costs. Sales tax revenue is down significantly (almost 10%), mortgage tax revenue is down by $1.2 million. Grievances that were filed resulted in a loss of almost $8 million dollars. To offset these revenue reductions, we need to make cuts in the 2010 budget.
- Farmers Markets
- The Wailers at the Emelin Theater
- Dickey Betts in Peekskill
- Free Music Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Ardsley
- Stormville Airport Antique Show & Flea Market
- Ardsley Cares
- Exploring Architecture: Youth Workshop Exhibit - Opening Reception, Hastings
- Rhinebeck Antiques Fair
- 19th Arts & Crafts Festival, Pound Ridge
- Scarecrow Invasion, Lyndhurst
- Boo at the Zoo, Bronx Zoo
- Opening Reception " Inspiration in Nature" @ GNC
- Comic Improvisation @ Irvington Public Library
- The Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze
- Suburbia Roller Derby, Yonkers
- The Bacon Brothers in Tarrytown
- Sleepy Hollow Second Sunday: Italy
- The Grumpy Frog, GNC
- Arlo Guthrie: Guthrie Family Rides Again @ Irvington Town Hall
Come out on October 31st from 9am-2pm at the Hartsdale Train Station/DeSantiPlaza to support a great cause! The Westchester/Fairfield chapter of Crohn's and Colitis Team Challenge will be on hand to talk about the Team Challenge event, a 13.1 mile marathon in December and their goal to raise more than $130,000 for research and new treatments for Crohn's and Colitis. They will be selling raffles and handing out Halloween treats! For more information, visit


Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner, what is the point of this blog? You do not answer ANY questions -- even valid ones. This blog is a soap box for you and for you only. I have lost respect for you - this entire site should be removed. You do not take any suggestions from ANYONE. Why don't we have a miscellaneous blog anymore? What is the point of this???????

Anonymous said...

Cut at least one managerial position from each department. You do not need two and sometimes even three in some cases high level jobs. Install parking meters at all Town facilities. Close the Library on Sundays and one weekday. You will save on part-time costs, electricity, etc. Give the Police no raises like you did to all other employees. Good luck to that one!!!

Anonymous said...

It's very simple. The Supervisor doesn't have any answers. The heck with the public. Two more years of salary, health benefits, retirement credits and the opportunity to really mess up the town's finances. Organize a quick write in campaign.

Greenburgh Taxpayer said...

A write in campaign is the only answer. Do not settle for the existing politicians. Send a message on Election day.

sickening said...

so what explains the re-nomination of juettner and sheehan?

these two have accomplished nothing outside of aiding and abetting the supervisor in running the town into the ground.

and our men and women in iraq and afghanistan are dying for these three to run unopposed!!!

this is beyond sick.

Anonymous said...

How come the Greenville fire dept does not itemize salaries in their budget? Transparency?
Bob, if the towns budget hid salaries what would you do?
Our fire chief earns more than $200,000 a year plus perks. Firefighters also earn big bucks, more than any town employee.

Anonymous said...

Greenville's fire district just announced a tax hike for 2010 of less than 2%, with absolutely no cut in services. The Town meanwhile has hiked taxes more than 31% over the past two years, with another substantial hike to be announced by month's end, and there's been cuts to police, sanitation, snow and leaf pickup with more cuts in services on the way. Greenville's fire taxes are much lower than either Hartsdale or Fairview. And when it comes to salaries, that's all public information, and according to the Journal News, there are literally dozens of Greenburgh cops earning substantial six figure incomes (salary plus overtime) with no let up in sight!

Sounds like Greenville's got its financial house in order while the Town doesn't.

Anonymous said...

The Town of Greenburgh's budget is far from transparent. It's got two recreation departments, each with its own set of highly paid commissioners, but you wouldn't know it from looking at the budget. It's got a police force which itemizes salaries, but the budget doesn't tell you how much each of them makes in overtime, which is crushing the Town. The Town cuts curbside sanitation pickup, but the budget doesn't show any financial savings, either in terms of manpower or equipment. The Town has for years been funding an after school program costing well over six figures, but only identified the program in its budget for the first time this year -- much to the chagrin of taxpayers who have after school programs run by their schools and never knew the Town was running its own after school program, complete with bus transportation, solely for one school district.

Yep, the Town's a real mess alright.

Taxpayer said...

Town of Greenburgh vs Greenville Fire Dept total tax increase over the last 2 yrs
30 % vs 6.8 %
Should Greenburgh be giving anyone budget lessons?

Anonymous said...

cut management most departments very top heavy 1 manager is equivalent to the salaries of 2 blue collar employees. Do the math if you cut 30 blue collar employees taxes will still go up and services will go down. If you cut 15 abusive management positions or maybe even less, and the same amount of services in the town will continue yet saving plenty of money over the long haul.

Paul look at what IBM did they realized they did not need one manager for every 5 employees. They realized they can get away with one manager for about 25 employees. Why is this well managers don't actually do the work, and if you think that with out management how would the workers know what to do i would put money on it that everything would run as it has before.

Anonymous said...

Some of Greenville's employees earn more than $200,000 a year. None of the towns employees earn nearly that much. How many fires do the Greenville fire dept put out? How many calls are made by the Greenburgh police dept? Why the disparity in salaries?

Anonymous said...

consolidate consolidate consolidate consolidate consolidate consolidate consolidate consolidate consolidate

Anonymous said...

Greenville compensation 4/1/2008 to 3/31/2009

Raftery, Daniel J 203,107.55
Park, Gerald A 184,391.21
Spedaliere, Costanzo 175,946.52
Bruno, Richard G 174,832.29
Della Vecchia, Vincent 174,279.45
Vecchio, Vincent 143,650.80
Kressman, Ronald J 138,423.34
Tesoro, David V 137,492.86
Ladin, Edward J 134,025.27
Smyth, Dan J 129,245.47
Perino, III, John J 126,611.36
Carlson, Christopher J 125,961.02
Kearns, Jr, Robert G 125,322.16
Canavan, Michael O 125,063.11
Lis, Glenn A 120,636.73
Cesarini, Dominic 119,923.29
Talbert, Matthew J 119,350.52
Tietjen, Jeffrey W 116,788.27
Meldrim, Matthew J 115,196.84
Pesavento, Christopher 113,567.94
Pesavento, Jr, Bruno J 112,463.36
Quartucio, Gerald J 111,144.87
Murphy, Gerald C 100,758.59
Cappello, Francesco R 86,710.10
Baumblatt, Mark P 75,339.73Gioia, Rocco J 56,386.01
Raftery, Brian J 52,872.01
Lee, Andrew J 51,161.85

Total 3,450,652.52

Average for 28 indiv 123,237.59
This is all available on line if one cares to look. Same information is available for Fairview and Hartsdale fire Districts

Murghk said...

When was the last time you saw Paul Feiner run into a burning building?
In fact, when was the last time you saw Paul Feiner do anything courageous?
We expect our firefighters to run, without hesitation, into situations everyone else is running away from -
So long as they are willing and able to do that, I do't care what they get paid.
Unlike the politicos on Hillside Avenue, they never wait until its safe, they do their jobs.
So get off the idea that Town Supervisor and Fire Chief are anything alike. They aren't.
Respect the brave!

Anonymous said...

Why would anybody in Edgemont support consolidation of its fire district when it would result in an immediate 21% hike in its fire taxes to subsidize Hartsdale and Fairview's fire districts? And just keeping fire taxes flat in Edgemont would require cutting $5 million from a $28 million budget, which would no one in their right mind would ever do. All Feiner is doing is pitting one section of unincorporated Greenburgh against another. This consolidation talk is just another attempt by Feiner to draw attention away from his own failed efforts to manage the finances of the Town.

Anonymous said...

Why should my fire tax hit the sky so that it will support Hartsdale and Fairview .

Does this make sense. We in Greenville have got to be crazy to even think about this stupid change.
Leave us alone we're not idiots .
You have screwed us enough.

Anonymous said...

How many major fires in Greenburgh are put out by one department?
One more reason to consolidate.

Anonymous said...

The Scarsdale Fire Department provides mutual aid to Greenville. Can Edgemont leave Greenburgh, take its tax dollars, and just consolidate with Scarsdale? It seems Scarsdale and Edgemont both have their priorities straight while Greenburgh does not.

Anonymous said...

Firefighters earn a a salary based on the risks of their profession. FF Joyce lost his life this week in the protection of his Yonkers residents searching for trapped occupants above the fire. He jumped out of a 3rd floor window due to the horrific heat conditions while trying to save people leaving a wife and 2 young daughter alone.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the tax rates for the Hartsdale Fire District will plummett now that the Chief is a Volunteer from Elmsford. That should save a lot of $$$$.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the divisive comments on this blog, I think Bernstein and McNally really hit the nail on the head in their article in the Inquirer yesterday when they said that Feiner's fire consolidation proposal was pitting one group of uincorporated area residents against another in an effort to draw attention away from the real taxing and spending problems plaguing Greenburgh at the town level.

Anonymous said...

Dear 1:17 you can be sure that this new chief will have one and only one interest at heart that being Elmsford.

Watch his moves carefully.....
Poor choice for a new chief.

Hartsdale fire taxes will go way up and not down.

Unsure said...

Does Chief Rush represent the Hartsdale Fire Dept., the Village of Elmsford or the Elmsford Fire Dept on the Consolidation Commission?

Anonymous said...

what are the rent rolls from town rented properties such as the private house at the nature center and the house at hartsbrook preserve. Is the rent in line with normal rentals. Or are their specials for town management.

Anonymous said...


Why all this Fire Department Talk? Shouldn't you be worried about how many people know about the racist rants of Chief Kapica? About how he was forced to aplogize to clergy in the African-American community? Paul, we know about these this event and other "events" that are being covered up. You can erase this post but it does not matter. Eventually the public will be made aware of the racism that runs rampant in your administration.

Michael Kolesar said...

To 3:48 PM:

The nature center is not a part of Town government and it is not Town property. For 2008, the unincorporated or "B" budget funded about 34% of the Nature Center's total revenues.

The home at Hartsbrook is rented to a Town employee at approximately 50% of fair market value. This fair market value was determined by the independent appraisals of, I recall, two or three local real estate firms. The reason for the "discount" is that the occupant serves as the property manager of sorts and has daily responsibility to open and close the gates to the park basically year round. this arrangement was discussed at an open work session during the summer of 2008 (August I seem to reall). The imputed income is approximately $12,000 annually which is the implied value of services rendered in return. This "income" is not considered taxable income under provisions for this kind of arrangment, which are apparently common both in Westchester County and around the country. Whether the amount of the discount is appropriate, is in the eyes of the beholder, but there are real responsibilities that come with this arrangement.

As to other properties, no recent appraisal of the fair market value of a rental of them has been done to the best of my knowledge. The two that come immediately to mind are the Credit Union in Town Hall and the St. Johm's Hospital addiction center adjacent to the TDYCC. The Credit Union had a five year contract with annual esclations based upon the CPI. The rent on the St. John's used facility hasn't changed since Jan 2005. The failure of the Town Board to obtain a new agreement that say would have increased the rent just by the CPI over this period has cost taxpayers in excess of $50,000. I had done some calculations, but the Town won't release them. If you are interested, FOIL for an Excel workbook that has "ATS" or something like it in the title. If you get it let me know.

Anonymous said...

50% of fare market value to open and close a gate. That sounds great. Paul are their any other town properties being rented out that need a gate keeper. I wish I could get 50% off of my bill. Is the house that is rented out at least given to someone who doesn't make a substantial salary or is it a typical political thing and does it come with a town car.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to be able to say I told you so. Mike you must be smiling at this post. I do believe it was you that pointed out the over one million dollar short fall.

hal samis said...

Saturday morning, apparently someone drove their SUV into the side of Trader Joe's on Central Park Avenue. I had heard sirens about 10:15 but had no idea what was going on. As part of my weekend shopping I ventured over to the area and quickly put two and two together and got 14 + 1.

That would be 14 Greenburg vehicles (fire trucks, ambulances, police, police, police...even an ambulance from the Scarsdale volunteers. As the area was cordoned off, I didn't get to see much other than one person being loaded into an ambulance and he must have been ok because the ambulance didn't leave for 20 minutes.

Now lacking the facts, I'm not going to be judgemental other than to wonder whether all that effort was necessary and could it have been "cut off at the pass". Certainly, that the on-scene units could/should have left much sooner than the hour (until I got there, did shopping and left) they spent hanging around but I guess the event produced 14 separate reports and maybe even overtime for some shifts. As I wrote, at this stage I don't know anything other than what I saw from a distance. Perhaps Detective Double Dip will write in and let us know how the tax dollars are being spent.
And on channel 76 tonight, I thought that I had instead tuned to the science fiction channel.
What fun to watch our Town Board appear in green-face and what fun to watch a work session without sound.
Yes, competition ala Mr. Sheehan has been a great improvement.

Anonymous said...

A write in vote could work and it would be fun to use this blog to get out the opposition.

Michael Kolesar said...

To 11: 04 PM:

I am not smiling. It is sad that the Town Board was told many months ago about the impact on the Town’s finances and, to the best of my knowledge, has done nothing to address the imbalance. This Town is facing some serious, serious financial issues. The Supervisor and Town Board will no doubt play the “let’s use fund balance” game again, along with some others. I won’t venture to list the games that they might employ. I’ve already done that and given it to a member of the community (Ella Preiser) in a sealed envelope, not to be opened until after the budget is released. To what extent, we’ll see on October 30th. But that just puts off the day of reckoning, and it will not be nice.

What’s disturbing is the total lack of responsible leadership. I gather that some kind of “questionnaire” asking for input has been distributed. (Excluding the “cost” of internal labor, reproduction and mailing cost was probably in the $5,000 range if it was like prior ones.) Responding to something like that is “followship” not leadership. Leaders lead. We don’t have that in Greenburgh.

So I don’t smile. It’s just sad that so many taxpayers are so uninformed as to how their hard earned money is blown away. That’s what keeps the professional politicians in power and taking our money for salaries, benefits and retirement.

Disgruntled Greenburgher said...

The Supervisor's heart is clearly in the right place - the issue is that governance is more than just caring.
Governance is about fundamental fairness and consistency, not about how the elected official "feels" about the laws he is sworn to uphold.
Mr Feiner has violated his oath of office on more than one occasion - but we have failed to enforce our side of the contract either in the voting booth or in the courtroom...
Thirty years of "Feiner" ideas and "aPauling" decisions seems our fate - unless we do something.
Write in the names "Michael Kolesar" for Supervisor and "Hal Samis" and "Ella Preiser" for Town Council Trustee on the ballot this November.

feiner needs to update emails/blogsite said...

Paul please answer this and do not ignore as you often do.

Spooktown is an accident waiting to happen drove by today with about 3 weeks till Oct 31 and the parking lot was packed. This store must pay for an off duty police officer to direct traffic bfore a serious accident happens maybe even a death.People will be making left turns in and out of the parking lot and this spells disaster This situation went on last year and nothing was done about it. When Franks was open on Dobbs Ferry Road they use to pay for someone to direct traffic.

Also another thing about Spooktown please make sure they remove the disgusting orange paint after Oct. 31 unlike last year when we had to suffer with that Quality of life eyesore for about 6 months or so after Oct. 31 past.PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS AS YOU OFTEN DO>

Anonymous said...

Hal, One day I hurt my back and just ask for a ride to the hospital. I informed them that it was back spasms and I could not get into my car. After a few minutes, I was embarrassed to see how many vehicles were needed for such a short trip. Two fire trucks(one was the rescue truck) rolled in, a paramedic, two police cars, a deputy chief, and a squad leader came shortly after. I felt that I did something wrong, but did appreciate the ride even though we hit every bump there was. So Hal, I understand what you are trying to say.

Anonymous said...

the problem is the town has no reason to be in the ambulance field.

Anonymous said...

So you wanted one person to carry you? They have to send people to carry sick people mabe you had no stairs but some people have three flights.

Anonymous said...

I met them in the parking lot smuck.

Anonymous said...

Hal, there is only 1 police officer in a car and 1 in a ambulance. 4 cars and 1 ambulance =
5 people. 1 deputy chief drives himself, 2 fire engines have 2-3 people each and a ladder truck 1-2 total people 7-9 for a grand total of 12-14 emergency workers for a potential disaster, when a car drives into a building with 10 to 100 people shopping on a Saturday, think all concerned were lucky and we got off cheap!
You should maybe take the time to thank the Lord you were'nt there at the time of this accident.
Also 1:40 to bad they didn't drop you

Anonymous said...

4:37 - Don't you understand that there is too much duplication here or is that beyond your brain function.

Anonymous said...

4:37 to is spelled too. I think someone dropped you on your head.

Anonymous said...

2 recreation departments with 2 highly paid commissioners and 2 deputy commissioners. This is a duplication of service maybe combine, and eliminate some fat up top.

Anonymous said...

2 recreation departments with 2 highly paid commissioners and 2 deputy commissioners. This is a duplication of service maybe combine, and eliminate some fat up top.

Anonymous said...

No one is a rec department the other is a community center!

Anonymous said...

what is the difference between a rec department and a community center. Both have very similar programs. Basketball courts, sport fields, pools, camps. See were this is going, both very similar and both very costly.

hal samis said...

Dear 4:37,

How's that math again? One ambulance? How about a traffic safety officer? Let's find more titles and we'll get to 14 vehicles plus Scarsdale.

Then when it was realized that it was no longer a potential disaster, how quickly did they disburse? Not very since they were all still there standing around after an hour and a half.

What is more interesting is that The Journal News did make their normal police blotter calls to the Police, at least one call per shift, to find if anything was happening and their contact at the Police Department said "nothing". Which is why, upon my prodding, they followed up and the story will run tomorrow.

Guess there are alternate realities in the town still paying for a $250,000 mobile communications/command center.

Or the more practical question is what happens all the times when no one dies? Because, thankfully there are few occasions, if any, that someone has died.

Like this summer's story with Greenburgh, Hastings, State Police and a NYC helicopter converged at Donald Park during a home invasion and only one perp was caught. As for the other perps, ask the Chief.

But we do have enough officers to be pulled off patrol (tune in during the budget to catch the Chief recite how understaffed the Department is) to teach at summer camp.

Anonymous said...

Hal, the call you are talking about was taken care of without the police tech rescue team, can you believe it?
They should disban this unit and focus on police work. what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Install parking meters at Town facilities? We're already paying for the use of that parking via our taxes.

No - get someone who knows how to manage our Town and who knows the definition of fiscal management. There are many municipalities throughout the County and State who are experiencing the impact of the current economy yet they have single digit tax increases each and every year. We have had our taxes increased over 100% since Feiner took office nearly 20 years ago; why? Because he knows absolutely nothing about fiscal management.

For years his campaigns sat squarely on "no tax increases" - we've been paying for it through the nose over the last 6 years. He's depleted our fund balance and raised our taxes. He's invited lawsuite after lawsuit from developers over the years which costs millions in outside legal fees even though we have a very expensive legal department.

You want to know how to take control of finances - get rid of Feiner and Company.

Anonymous said...

At about 10:21, the Town Board work session became the Blue Man Group - everybody's skin color turned blue. Way to go. Thanks for all the PEG money.

Anonymous said...

8:37: property taxes doubling in 20 years is not going to garner you a lot of sympathy. What was inflation during that time? It is more effective to point out the 60% increase over the last 6 years in uninc. property tax bills (including the schools).

hal samis said...

The following was just sent to the Town Clerk and the Town Board. All those outreach meetings and "concerns" that the Town Board has held with residents, the only opportunity that follows these concerns after they are put to paper is by the production of the Town Budget and the Public Hearings on it. this explains why the Town Board is stacking the deck so that when the real color of their stripes is out in the open, they suddenly don't want to hear from the public.

After a two year 31% tax increase, one would think that an open government would want to be able to discuss the most important item of the fall in a leisurely manner, not in a rush and not having to follow the flotsam and jetsam that the Town Board will schedule ahead of the Public Hearing.

This is what I sent.

"I am intrigued that the Town Clerk cannot post even those resolutions attributed to her Department, particularly one that applies specifically to her office.
Where is Resolution CL-3, having to do with an increase in petty cash for the Office of the Town Clerk?

Then too, I am intrigued by the notion that with a controversial budget ahead and the requirement that the tentative or Supervisor's Budget be submitted by the close of business Friday October 30, that the only meeting provided by the Town Board during the entire month of November is Monday the 23rd (per Agenda and Resolution CL-4). Granted that there is an election day and the Thanksgiving holiday intervening, it still seems quixotic that no additional Town Board meeting in November is being scheduled ahead the traditional December race to approve the Budget. The impression left by creating the annual "log jam" is that the Town Board is not really interested in hearing or responding to Public Comment on the budget being presented.

And what is particularly vexing is the existing precedent that the Town Board, the Town Attorney and the Town Comptroller will make changes to the Budget after the Public Hearings are closed and do so alleging that these changes are not substantive."

Michael Kolesar said...

First, I am glad that the Supervisor at least reads my posts on this as he certainly didn't read much or listen when I was the Comptroller. At today's work session he asked about the St. John's lease of the ATS space, that the Town Board failed to get any increase on since January 2005. See my post above from 10/10 7:06 PM

I can assure you that St. John's is not going to go back and pay any esclations since 2005. They were quite clear on that in the summer of 2008. I was there.

To another poster.

Fact - Using the 1992 tax rate as a base as this was the last one set by Mr. Veteran, the tax rate for unincorporated Greenburgh under the "leadership" of Mr. Feiner has increased from $64.4954 to the 2009 rate of $157.0079 (source the annual tax rate sheets published by the Town Comptroller's office), an increase of 143.6%, and that is only after using more than $ 5 million in fund balances to hold down the tax increase in 2009. During the same period, using the Metropolitan New York CPI for the month of January 1992 at 147.3 (source Bureau of Labor Statistics )to January 2009 of 233.402, results in an increase of 58.5%. Lucky unincorporated Greenburgh has seen it's tax rate increase by far more than twice the rate of inflation.

Hartsdale Home Owner said...

Mike: TY for providing hard numbers. however, I wish you had publicized this stat months ago, in time for someone to base a campaign for supervisor on this information. Out of curiosity, what percentage of the $157 rate goes toward employee salaries and benefits?

Anonymous said...

why not wait until a day before the budget is do to meet with the departments as a hole. This way if their is any possible savings it will be to late to implement them.

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Hartsdale Home Owner,

Approximately 50% of the Town's budgets across all funds is for direct personnel costs, which includes straight compensation, overtime, part-timer / seasonal employees, longevity and unused leave. Benefits across the entire employee base average about 45% of all compensation, thus if an average employee earns $60,000, the current cost of fringe benefits on average would add another $27,000 annually.

In total, personnel costs plus benefits account for between 65% and 70% of the budget. Debt service about 8% (depending upon whether you had a "normal" capital budget year), a small portion goes to small equipment that might be needed, and the balance goes to various "contractual" items (the State Comptroller's definition), which would include heating, fuels, insurance, etc.

If you have any additional questions, I suggest that you contact me directly.

Michael Kolesar said...

Addendum to my message of 4:54 PM

For 2010, the finge benefit costs a % of compensation should be expected to increase by 5+%, to about 50% of compensation as a result of the increases required for the state pension plans.

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Hartsdale Home Owner:

Want to get really sick? The water fund is owed $1.8 million from another municipality, which the Town is not actively pursuing since it might cost the Supervisor votes in that municiplality, even in an uncontested election (read that Danny Gold). Be prepared for a 40% or more increase in your water rates in order to make the water fund whole. That's a minimum ( go back and listen to Bennett Kielson's presentation in September). But the Supervisor will argue, it's not property taxes. Good luck. Open your wallet. Sorry for you that you own property in unincorporated Greenburgh. In your next life, you'll buy in one of the Villages. They aren't perfect, but not this poop.

Come tomorrow night and ask some "hard" questions.

Anonymous said...

Does the 1.8 M include the money illegally given to Fairview Fire

Anonymous said...

isn't it great feiner is looking for a way to fill a 2 million dollar short fall, and Mike Kolesar points out a 1.8 million dollar blunder. Go after the valhalla schools that owe money to the town. Sue the designer and project manager of the library. Go after housing authority for money owed.

Michael Kolesar said...

The $1.8 million is neither the Valhalla money nor any money provided to the Fairview Fire district. It another entirely different matter.

On a additional front, the "final" tax assessment roll for 2009 was released. Normally this "final" roll would be used to calculate the tax rate for the following tax year, in this case 2010. In case you haven't heard, Town wide assessables have declined yet again from $579.6 million to $573.5 million or 1.06% and for unincorporated Greenburgh the decline as a % is even bigger going from $314.4 million down to $309.9 or down 1.42%.

What does that mean to most taxpayers? If the amount that the Town "needs" to operate stays the same (most unlikely given declines in revenues and increased benefit costs for 2010) and if you didn't have a reduction in your property's assessable value ( i.e. you didn't file a tax cert claim), hello an increase in your 2010 Town taxes.

This will only get worse before the final tax rates are determined in late February / early March because all of the tax certs that the Town Board has acted on or will act on haven't been reflected in those amounts. Let's see what the Supervisor projects the "true" assessables will be for the purposes of the 2010 budget and tax rates. If he uses those numbers, he's just playing games.

Hartsdale Home Onwer said...

Michael: Thank you so much for explaining these issues in plain English.

Anonymous said...

Since election is right arround the corner is there any state or federal agency to check out what is going on in Greenburgh.

There must be some criminality going on for not providing the residents the truth as to where our money is going -penny by penny-

We are definitely getting robbed by by the supervisor and his cronnies.

Mike we need your help for us to reach the right people for a complete investigation asap.

Maybe in due time we can impeach those in office and start to have an honest and open government.

Michael Kolesar said...

To 4:34 PM

I have not been asleep for the past seven months. Enough said.

hal samis said...

To 4:34,

"You'll wonder where the YELLOW went..."

When the writer is a CA president.

But you never post on this blog...

FOR THE CURIOUS: mystery guest is not from Edgemont