Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This letter is being written on behalf of a constituent, I have known this constituent for many years. Shortly after 911 she volunteered to help the victims of 911. She went into the city daily and was engulfed in a gulf of dust and smoke that damaged her respiratory system. She is no longer able to work as a result of these injuries.
She was denied loss of wages at a hearing. She would like to appeal the decision of the Crime Victims Board which denied her claim.
I spoke to her immediately after 911 when she was volunteering to help the victims and their families. I have seen her at various meetings a few times a year since 911 and have discussed her medical conditions with her. She is not exaggerating her claim. There are times when she could barely walk or talk.
Any ideas? I'd like to help her.


some ideas said...

why not post the decision denying her benefits in gold letters on the wall you allowed to be built in front of presser park now that the tiles have been removed.

im sure this would get worldwide attention and deservedly so. it might lead to a bill in congress providing economic relief for persons of valor like this.

in the interim, make sure she files her appeal on time. administative decisions have a short statute of limitations, usually 30 or 60 days but can be up to 4 months.

Anonymous said...

Paul it's a great gesture to help this woman.

Will you enlighten all of us as to how or where we can get help in getting you out of office since many of us have come down with maladies since you took office.
We as residents need help with our bill,taxes and what ever BS your throwing our way.

Maybe the lady in question waited a little too long to file her claim.
She shoulod check with the city agencies that handled all these cases at that time.
She should also write or maybe you can contact the governors office with her circumstances.

If you only took as much interest in what plagues the residents of Greenburg we would be once again a happy family.

I'm soeey I am in no position to help this person but maybe there is someone who can do so.

Anonymous said...

Heartless! These comments are not warranted. As much as I dislike Feiner, seeking help for this woman is not a bad thing. Save your criticism for the important stuff.

get real said...

dear heartless

you are naive. shame and publicity are powerful tools. if this woman appeared on 60 minutes, action would result.

paul - put up the decision denying benefits on the so called 9/11 wall in greenburgh.

hal samis said...

Dear Mr. Supervisor,

I could easily make light of this problem and write a parody using the 1950's tv show and suggest that they call host Warren Hull on the "heartline". But I won't.

Instead I am going to suggest that since you are a lawyer that you use your knowledge to assist; chances are that you won't have to provide representation just to provide your expertise.

Don't want to take time away from pressing matters running the Town? I can understand that and on behalf of other similarly concerned residents, we are united in our willingness to suffer the consequences of your taking time away from compiling the weekly list of incredible and amazing things to do this weekend or next and with this extra time you will be able to assist her.

And if this doesn't work for you, well we won't even object were you to take Tim Town Attorney off his current assignment to defend Francis Sheehan and Thomas Madden from the Ethics Board and redeploy this asset to assisting what would be more correctly labeled a "heroine" based upon her sex rather than hero which you probably are more comfortable with using because of a spelling phobia.

more help options said...

I have had ongoing medical problems since my victimization during the 9/11 attacks. Who can help with these medical costs?

The New York Crime Victims Compensation Board is assisting with these costs on a "last resort" basis. If your insurance does not cover all the costs, or if you are completely without insurance, they will assist you. You can reach them at 1-800-247-8035 or 518-457-8727.

For those of us who do not qualify for assistance from the majority of the 9/11 support agencies, what assistance is available to volunteers with health concerns from WTC site rescue and recovery work and who have not been able to return to our previous level of work?

Rescue and recovery workers may obtain medical assistance, travel aid, and coupons from the New York Disaster Interfaith Services and the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program.

The New York Disaster Interfaith Services helps WTC and Freshkill recovery workers who are unable to meet their basic needs because of related ailments. The assistance is in the form of vouchers to aid travel to doctors' appointments and coupons to purchase food and clothing. For more information, please call the Mount Sinai Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine program at 212-241-9059.
The World Trade Center Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program provides free, confidential medical monitoring examinations to workers and volunteers who responded to the September 11th attacks in New York City. The Program is a comprehensive medical evaluation program to provide free and confidential medical exams, referrals for medical care, and occupational health education for 8,500 workers and volunteers who provided rescue, recovery, debris removal, and sifting and restoration of vital support services at the WTC and Staten Island Landfill sites. If you provided WTC site or Staten Island Landfill rescue/recovery services, call the WTC Workers and Volunteer Medical Screening hotline at 1-888-702-0630 to learn more about receiving a free and confidential medical screening examination.
The WTC Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program is administered by the Mount Sinai Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, in partnership with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please see the Program Overview for a complete description.

I was a search and recovery worker at the WTC site. I have had ongoing respiratory and chronic sinus problems since 9/11. Is there information available for such problems?

You can contact the WTC Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program at 1-888-702-0630.

Volunteers from New York and all other parts of the country can also register with the WTC Health Registry by calling 1-866-NYC-WTCR (1-866-692-9827) or 212-442-1585. The registry provides a health survey of those directly exposed to the events of 9/11. Others who would be eligible include people in the surrounding buildings, streets, or the subway south of Chambers Street; rescue, recovery, or cleanup workers; students and staff at schools or daycare centers south of Canal Street; and people who were living south of Canal Street. Also, residents of New Jersey, Long Island, upstate New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania who may have commuted or been in the area are eligible for the registry.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Crime Victims Board separate and apart from the 9/11 victims compensation fund?
If so, that might explain why she wasn't approved.
Mr Feiner should start a petition to consolidate the two so that people can be protected from their own mistakes.

more info please said...

the crime victims board (CVB) can be appealed to for 9/11 related injuries as a last resort. there are many other sources of relief as indicated by the comment under more help options.

not seeing the decision, its possible the applicant did not exhaust all her remedies before applying for benefits from the CVB.

on the other hand, its now 8 years later, there appears to be a staleness to the claim that was not adequately explained.

unfortunately, we have only been given part of the story.

i assume the decision is public. if feiner would post it, other avenues of help might become apparent.

Anonymous said...

give her a job with the Greenville Fire District

Anonymous said...

Is the supervisor ready to condemn Chief Kapica's ( his employee) rascist remarks. Why has he been silent?

Anonymous said...

Does Feiner applaud or condemn Kapica's comments?

close it down said...

did kapica advocate closing the tdycc?
if so, bravo

Anonymous said...

WHAT DID HE SAY???? FOR Tenth TIME!!!!!!

Paul Feiner said...

Chief Kapica never urged the closing of the TDYCC.

Anonymous said...

Feiner may be a "lawyer" - he said in a prior quote that he pays his annual membership fees so that he can maintain his license. He's never practiced law and has no respect for it. He's a bumbling idiot!

question for the supervisor said...

i spent alot of time finding out the info for your heroine and posted it here - was it useful?

DUCHESS said...

It's Friday! Where is the 2009 Budget as promised, or are we too busy posting feel good blogs on my time (as well as the rest of the Greenburgh Tax Payers), instead of doing the business at hand that you were elected to do?

Anonymous said...

Volunteering to help the victims of 9/11 in the aftermath of the tragedy doesn't make her a hero.
It does make her a good person and deserving of help - but the word hero should be reserved for those who ran towards the immediate danger and helped others. We need to find another word for those fine souls who came to the aid of their fellow humans - but calling them heroes devalues the courage of those first responders.

Write in Campaign said...

When you go into the voting booth the area for write ins is at the top of the panel. Just slide the window open and write in your choice. The windows have numbers that correspond to the position you are voting for. The Supervisor is 10 and the Town Council is 11 and 12.

Lets send a message!!!!!!