Friday, October 09, 2009

atty, census job openings

Commercial Foreclosure Attorney
3-5 Years Experience needed with Manhattan law firm. Contact with resume.

There are some new temporary jobs with the CENSUS DEPT.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of surveys, Paul and the Paulettees have sent out a ridiculous survery using OUR tax money asking how are we doing, and some thoughts on how to reduce costs.

I suggest everyone include the following in their replies:

1. Eliminate no-show jobs and no-bid contracts at TDYCC.

2. Eliminate free programs at TDYCC, other than for documented finanical need people.

3. Stop programs for people outside of Greenburgh (like the senior meal programs).

4. Eliminate after school programs, which should be run by schools.

5. Institute financial controls, as suggested by prior comptroller Kolesar.

Anonymous said...

O boy are you right.

He didn't mention that the residents in the Greenville fIre district pay less in fire taxes than the other two.

Feiner speaks with a forked tongue.
Why should we consolidate just to please the other fire districts which will increase our taxes.


Having a shop rite is a great idea not only for the residents shopping but for tax purposes.

You know very well that the taxes will not be going down in fact they will escalate.
So why say that you are trying to keep taxes low.
You took away certain garbage pickups Pray tell how much money did this save the taxpayer.

Getting back to the fire commission that was implemented could you tell me what does the head of this commission know about the services received in the villages and at what cost.
I do think the village fire districts pay fire taxes --where is this money allocated.

Why ask the residents if money would be saved by bagging leaves,,,
if you have any brains as the head of this town you impliment the law and that;s it.
Stop beating arround the bush.
You know what the saying says
---- or get off the pot.
Do what you were elected for and that's it.
The library is having trouble with their funds--always asking for more why do you present this to the residents.
Shut the library on certain days since we could use other libraries plus with the internet who needs a library for research.

Stop fooling the residents I do think we know where you're coming from in sending out this newletter=====VOTES AND MORE VOTES

By the way maybe Lewis and Juettner should apply for the attorney position.

Anonymous said...

I will save your newsletter to start a fire in my fire place.
Boy what people don't do for more votes.

Lies will hit you in the face one day so watch out.

Anonymous said...